Migros offers flexible parental leave

Migros offers flexible parental leave

Migros and its social partners have successfully negotiated the new 2023–2026 National Collective Labour Agreement. For the first time, Migros will be offering flexible parental leave – including an option for the parent who is not a Migros employee. Work-life balance will be improved through various working and holiday models. Migros employees will continue to enjoy attractive terms of employment. Low-income families will receive additional non-mandatory child allowances from 1 January 2023.

Press release

The Migros N-CLA is unmatched in Switzerland: it covers several sectors and has wide support on several levels. These include social as well as contractual partners (the Swiss Association of Commercial Employees, the Metzgereipersonal-Verband, the National Committee of the Migros Group, the personnel policy committees). The following Migros companies are covered by the new N-CLA.

Migros will also continue to take the concerns of its employees seriously. The focus of the new National Collective Labour Agreement (N-CLA) is promoting work-life balance. In addition to the already outstanding working conditions, the following benefits will now also be offered:

  • The employee’s partner can also use the last four of the 18 weeks of maternity leave

  • Paternity leave will be increased from three to four weeks

  • Option to extend maternity leave/paternity leave with unpaid leave

  • Employees have the option to purchase ten additional days of holiday per year and can also take a three-month unpaid sabbatical every five years

  • Families with a low gross household income will receive additional non-mandatory child allowances.

Migros offers paternity leave for non-employees
The remaining four of 18 weeks maternity leave can now be transferred to the person’s partner – even if they are not employed by a Migros company.

Working and holiday models at Migros
Work-life balance is supported through flexible working models as well as various options for taking holidays. The full-time workload for in-store gastronomy will be reduced to 41 hours per week.

Preferential conditions for employees
The group-wide conditions for employees now include increasing the Cumulus discounts along with the usual discounts for continuing education, fitness, recreation, banking/insurance, mobility and communication.

“We are confident that the new N-CLA offers our employees attractive terms of employment,” says Sarah Kreienbühl, member of the Executive Board. The N-CLA enters into effect on 1 January 2023.