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We are doing more every day: for the environment, for our society and for you. But who are we actually? Explore the Migros cosmos with us and get to know the people populating it better. Find out more about our structure, our objectives and why we do all the things we do.

We are Migros

  • We are Migros

    Hi there,

  • We are Migros

    I am proud to be able to supply our customers with a fresh product every day.

    Vincent Genoud, Head of Egg Procurement
  • We are Migros

    It always fascinates me to see how people learn, progress and express themselves in a foreign language.

    Valérie Giese, English teacher
  • We are Migros

    I enjoy working with people and I am motivated to achieve set targets together.

    Raphael Schenker, Branch Manager
  • We are Migros

    I love a challenge – in twelve years at Migros, I have worked in four different branch sizes.

    Loris De Matteis, Fresh Produce Manager
  • We are Migros

    Equal opportunities and participation for everyone living here are a great concern of mine. That is what I am committed to.

    Angela Zumbrunn, Migros Culture Percentage Project Manager
  • We are Migros

    It’s great to see what you’ve made at the end of it all. Plus, at the FFB Group, I learn something new every day.

    Mariam Abdullah-Gharib, packaging machine operative at the FFB Group in Volketswil

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