Migros Supermarket Ltd

Migros Supermarket Ltd

Migros employees and customers in the supermarket

Since 1 January 2024, Migros’ supermarket business has been managed in a centrally controlled, independent company to provide effective services along the entire value chain. Migros Supermarket Ltd is a subsidiary of the Federation of Migros Cooperatives (FMC) and the ten cooperatives. It is managed by its own board of directors and operationally by its own executive board. Representatives of the regional cooperatives and the FMC sit on the board of directors. The ten regional cooperatives are responsible for regional market development, operational sales and the point-of-sale network.

Our Executive Board

The Supermarket Ltd Executive Board is made up of the following members:

  • Portrait of Peter Diethelm

    Peter Diethelm

  • Portrait of Sandra Stöckli

    Sandra Stöckli

  • Portrait of Miriam Richter

    Miriam Richter

  • Portrait of Ruth Vögtlin

    Ruth Vögtlin

  • Portrait of Samuel Bauert

    Samuel Bauert

  • Portrait of Rémy Müller

    Rémy Müller

  • Portrait of Tomislav Pavicic

    Tomislav Pavicic

  • Portrait of Sven Nef

    Sven Nef

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of seven members from the FMC and the regional Cooperatives and is chaired by Guido Rast, Managing Director of MC Migros Lucerne

  • Portrait of Guide Rast

    Guido Rast

Find out more about Peter Diethelm and Guido Rast

  • We are Migros

    What inspires you to do more?

  • We are Migros

    Getting the big and small things right and doing better than our competition – that’s what my team and I strive to achieve.

    Peter Diethelm, CEO
  • We are Migros

    Migros’ core business is and remains its supermarket business, where our job is to ensure we win over customers every day.

    Guido Rast, Chair of the Board of Directors

Daily life on our Executive Board

Dive into the exciting world of our Executive Board and learn more about what members get up to in their daily work in our stories.

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