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The Migros Group strategy

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We are known amongst our customers, employees and the general public for being the leading company when it comes to improving quality of life. Our consumer products and services help people fulfil their everyday needs. As such, our aim is to provide for all segments of society and their specific needs.

Our purpose

Our purpose sets out what motivates us and what we jointly strive to achieve in our everyday work.

Every day, we work passionately to improve people’s quality of life and our society.

Our purpose at the Migros Group

Our strategy

Our strategy provides a framework for aligning our company's strategic business areas. This strategy has been developed by the Executive Board on behalf of the FMC Board of Directors and has been approved by the latter. The goals, values, purpose and leadership principles set out in the strategy are binding for the entire Migros Group.

In corporate terms, our strategic business areas and units operate as independently as possible. They are given clearly defined targets and roles whilst maximising the opportunities for synergies. Strategic initiatives tap into potential for added value, which can only be implemented through a joint, integrative effort.

Our mission statement

Our mission statement is at the heart of our strategy and consists of three elements: our vision, values and purpose.

Our core values

Our three values describe the attitude with which we work together within the Migros Group.

  • Community – we are close

  • Responsibility – we do the right thing

  • Pioneering spirit – we create new things

  • An employee advises a customer in front of a chiller cabinet.

    Our values


Our vision

  • Consistent customer orientation: we consistently focus on meeting the needs of our customers.

  • Social commitment: we set the benchmark for social commitment in Switzerland.

  • Common focus: we have a common strategic focus around which all our activities are aligned.

  • Corporate ecosystem: our companies are organised in a way that ensures long-term profitability for the Group.

Our pledge

  • Our pledge to customers: we are the Swiss company which works passionately every day to improve our customers’ quality of life.

  • Our pledge to employees: we create innovative business models and ensure modern and attractive working conditions for our employees.

  • Our pledge to members: we undertake to create value that will secure Migros’ future and independence in the long term.

  • Our pledge to suppliers: based on free market economics and performance-based competition, we seek to collaborate directly with our suppliers. We steadily improve products and services, promote the health and well-being of the population and also set environmental and social standards in our working and production conditions.

  • Our pledge to society: we promote free, autonomous individual development. The Migros Culture Percentage enables a large cross-section of the population to access culture and education and empowers people to participate in cultural, social and economic change in society. We operate our core business in a socially responsible and resource-efficient manner.


In order to ensure that we are able to successfully implement our vision, we require a strategic framework. This framework sets out which customer needs the Migros Group will jointly focus on as well as the ambitions underlying our activities.

Areas of need: strategic focus points (external)

Handled by strategic business areas (internal)


Nutrition and Enjoyment

Food retail (incl. industry and food service)

We have a leading position both in the overall food market and in all customer-relevant food retail sub-markets (Nutrition and Enjoyment) – with strong own brands.

Health and Well-Being


We are a holistic health provider with a leading market position and offer integrated supply in the Swiss healthcare system – from health promotion to rehabilitation.

Lifestyle and Home

Non-food retail

We are the clear number one in Switzerland in non-food omnichannel retail (Lifestyle and Home) with a channel-independent customer experience, our own product ranges and a marketplace offering.

Payment, Investment and Finance

Financial services

We are closer to the needs of the people than any other bank. We help our customers to make better financial decisions every day. Quickly, easily and with a human touch.

Note on the enhanced Migros Group strategy
The strategy was launched across the group on 19 January 2022.

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