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Dosenbach-Ochsner Group acquires 27 branches of Migros specialist store SportX

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The Dosenbach-Ochsner Group is acquiring 27 branches of the Migros specialist store SportX. Of these, 24 stores will operate under the Ochsner Sport brand, with three stores operating under the Dosenbach brand. All employees at the affected stores will be taken on by the new company. Apprentices at all SportX stores can continue their training seamlessly at Ochsner Sport. Negotiations are currently underway with various other interested parties for the remaining 22 of Migros’ 49 SportX stores. The takeover of the branches is subject to review by the Competition Commission.

Press release

The first stage of the sales negotiations for the Migros specialist store SportX, which began in the spring, was successfully concluded. Ochsner Sport and Dosenbach are acquiring 24 and three of the SportX stores, respectively, which includes taking on all the employees at the acquired stores. In addition, all apprentices at all SportX stores will be able to continue their training at Ochsner Sport. 

According to current plans, Ochsner Sport will open the 24 SportX stores by 1 March 2025, operating them under the “Ochsner Sport” brand. Warranties and services for products customers have purchased at SportX stores are fully covered and guaranteed by Ochsner Sport. The three SportX stores acquired by Dosenbach will likewise open by 1 March 2025 and operate under the Dosenbach brand. 

Horst Hauer, CEO of Ochsner Sport, is delighted to add 24 SportX stores and their highly capable employees to the family business: “This integration strengthens our store network and bundles valuable expertise and innovative strength under the strong Ochsner Sport brand.” Peter Schmid, CEO of Migros Specialist Market Ltd, adds: “With the acquisition of 27 stores by the Dosenbach-Ochsner Group, we have reached an important milestone. I am particularly pleased that all SportX apprentices can continue their training at Ochsner Sport.” 

Negotiations are currently underway with various other interested parties for the remaining 22 of Migros’ 49 SportX stores throughout Switzerland. 

Focus on Migros core business
The divestment of SportX is part of the Migros Group’s strategic focus on its core business, which the company announced at the beginning of February 2024. The sale processes for the other specialist markets – Micasa, Do it + Garden and Bike World – are still ongoing. All Migros specialist markets will continue to operate reliably as before. Nothing will change for customers for the time being. 

Implications for Migros Specialist Market Ltd
The divestments of SportX and melectronics unfortunately also have an impact on the service company Migros Specialist Market Ltd, which is responsible for the strategic direction of all Migros specialist market formats and provides all central services. “Unfortunately, it is unavoidable that employees who work directly for SportX will lose their jobs. The divestments will also reduce the need for other services from overarching areas of Migros Specialist Market Ltd such as Digital Business, Operations, Administration, Training and Migros Service. Overall, we expect to cut 95 jobs by the end of April 2025”, says Peter Schmid with regret. Adjustments within decentralised organisations of the Migros Group are also possible as part of the divestments. 

Redundancy package for employees affected by job cuts 
The Migros Group has finalised a comprehensive national redundancy package with internal and external social partners in order to cushion the impact of redundancies as far as possible. Employees affected by job cuts in Switzerland receive individual benefits linked to their seniority and age, among other factors. They will also receive support in their search for a new position within and outside Migros from HR and specialised external partners. 

Stores – planned acquisition by Ochsner Sport

Abtwil, Säntispark 


Steinhausen, EKZ Zugerland 


Delémont, M-Parc 

Sursee, Surseepark 

Basel Dreispitz 

Genève, Balexert-Centre 

Thun, Oberland-Center 

Bern Marktgasse 

Genève, La Praille 

Uster West 

Bern Westside 


Wädenswil, Zürisee-Center 

Brügg, Centre Brügg 

Oftrigen, M-Parc 


Buchs AG 

Schönbühl, Shoppyland 

Winterthur Grüzepark 

Bülach Süd 

Schwyz, Mythen-Center 

Zürich City 

Stores – planned acquisition by Dosenbach + Sport

Aigle, Chablais-Centre 

St. Margrethen, Rheinpark 

Zürich, Brunau-Park