Migros makes solar energy more accessible to everyone

Migros makes solar energy more accessible to everyone

The innovation driver of Sparrow Ventures is gathering pace. Following the successful launches of WePractice and Yuno, the Migros think tank has developed another innovative and sustainable business model. By way of a solar panel subscription scheme, the new start-up called Rayo is offering detached home owners an alternative to buying while helping to mitigate the global energy and climate crisis. Migros, which has been committed to the extraction and use of renewable energies for years and now, via Sparrow Ventures and Migrol, it is investing capital in single figure millions in the growth of ventures begun last March as a pilot project.

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Rayo promises customers a simple comprehensive package which does not involve any purchase costs. Instead, each customer pays a fixed monthly amount for 20 years for their individual solar solution. The price includes the solar panel system itself, as well as all services from clarifications, planning, installation, maintenance and repair services, insurance and a smart home app. This allows subscribers to optimize and tailor their energy consumption to their needs. The positive response and rapid development of the start-up go to show the relevance of this offer.

A solar solution for all across the board is the aim
“Our research has shown that people increasingly want individual, sustainable solar solutions and energy self-sufficiency, not least because of the worldwide fluctuating energy prices and scarcity. On the other hand, owners of detached homes in Switzerland are often put off purchasing solar panels due to the initial costs and administrative expense. There is a lot of interest, but little involvement”, says Lorenz Lüchinger, CEO of Sparrow Ventures. Only roughly ten percent of the approximately one million detached homes in Switzerland presently have solar panels on the roof. This is low compared to the rest of Europe. “With Rayo, we hope to close this gap by offering a solar solution that will allow people to reduce their energy costs while improving their environmental footprint. Our aim is to make solar power accessible to everyone across the board", explains Andreas Flütsch, CEO of Migrol, about Rayo’s ambitious plan. At Migros Bank, customers are advised on sustainable solutions such as photovoltaics or electromobility. Manuel Kunzelmann, CEO of Migros Bank, sees Rayo as an interesting addition to the range: "It allows homeowners to choose the right financing option for their solar solution."

Cooperation with internal and external Migros experts
The Rayo solar package can also be enhanced with an optional storage battery for saving surplus solar power. And an e-charging point can be purchased for charging your electric car in future with your own electricity. To this end, Rayo and Migrol are using synergies and competences within the Migros universe.

Rayo was initially set up in German-speaking Switzerland. Romandie and Ticino are set to follow. The network of partners is continually expanding. In the meantime, Rayo has taken three installation companies on board for planning, installation and ongoing technical support. Rayo is a member of Swissolar, the professional Swiss association for the solar industry.

Migros produces and procures energy from nature
Renewable energies are considered to be very important throughout the Migros Group. Since 2021, 100 percent of Migros’ refrigeration, lighting and transport etc has been powered by renewable energy. Most of the energy required comes from our own solar panels on the façades of stores, the roofs of car parks or industrial buildings. Currently Migros has a total of 350 solar panel systems, which produce around 40,000 MWh of solar power each year. This is equivalent to the power consumption level of approximately 15,000 average households (@ three MWH/a). The greenhouse gas emissions for the Migros Group have been reduced by 55.8 percent in the past three years, not least because of this.

Anyone interested in the subscription scheme should contact the Rayo team for further information on +41 43 508 0302 or info@rayosolar.ch. You can also find information at www.rayosolar.ch.

About Sparrow Ventures
Sparrow Ventures is a venture builder and venture capital provider based in Zurich. With a unique organizational structure and an experienced, interdisciplinary team of specialists, Sparrow Ventures focuses on supporting and funding young companies in a variety of relevant sectors, especially food and beverage, last mile, fintech, digital health, sustainability and circular economy, commerce and shopping, as well as travel. Sparrow Ventures is an independent subsidiary of the Migros Group.


About Migrol AG
Migrol AG is part of the Migros Group and is a leading company on the Swiss mobility and heating market. Migrol operates over 300 stations and is one of the main providers of gas stations, charging stations, car washes and auto service workshops. Migrol is also a supplier of heating oil, pellets and services in the area of tank upgrades for business and private customers. Migrol aims to offer its customers the best service by developing new products and services.