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Migros Industrie

Two employees fill tofu packs into delivery tubs

Migros Industrie is an integral part of Migros and Switzerland, as well as one of the largest private-label producers in the world. What you love, we make at Migros Industrie. In figures, that’s more than 20,000 products for Switzerland and the whole world.

A brief introduction to Migros Industrie

Migros Industrie companies fulfil a dual role: they develop and produce private-label products for our retail trade and also sell products and services to third-party customers in Switzerland and abroad.

The five segments at Migros Industrie

For over 80 years, Migros Industrie has been committed to high-quality products, cuisine, sensory analyses and services in the areas of fresh produce, food and near-food. Behind every product and offer lies passion, expertise, experience, Swiss understanding of quality and reliability.

  • Micarna Group

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    An employee prepares sausages for packaging

    For more than five decades, the Micarna Group has been a major player throughout Switzerland as a meat, poultry, egg and seafood producer and a valuable part of Migros Industrie. The Micarna Group offers an impressive range of over 4,500 products, including high-quality fresh meat, tender poultry and a wide variety of poultry products, fish and seafood, eggs and egg products – not forgetting the large selection of cold cuts and various convenience foods.

    • Elsa Group

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      An employee brings wheels of cheese to the cheese warehouse to ripen

      The Elsa Group stands out through its excellent specialisation in the production of dairy products and the careful maturing and processing of cheese. With 12 sites and 2,000 products, it is one of the leaders in the Swiss dairy industry. However, the Elsa Group is not just at the top when it comes to traditional sectors – it also impresses consumers with passion and quality in the production of vegetable products and sauces.

      • Fresh Food & Beverage Group

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        An employee in the bakery forms a braid

        The Fresh Food & Beverage Group (FFB Group) embodies the part of Migros Industrie dedicated to the production of bread and baked goods, convenience products, ultra-fresh delicacies as well as refreshing beverages – a comprehensive product selection that encompasses enjoyment from early morning to late evening, from cosy breakfasts to hearty dinners.

        • Delica AG

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          An employee checks Farmer bars on the assembly line

          The name Delica unifies the highest level of luxury expertise in Migros Industrie. Delica reinvents chocolate, snacks and coffee in a sustainable way – in proven Swiss quality, of course. As a renowned specialist in needs-oriented concepts, Delica supplies customers in Switzerland and all over the world with luxury specialities to enjoy all day long. It produces numerous own brands for Migros and for large, renowned corporations at home and abroad.

          • Mibelle Group

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            An employee adds dye to a cosmetic cream in the laboratory

            The Mibelle Group develops impressive and fascinating products in the care & beauty, home care and nutrition sectors. As another key part of Migros Industrie, it creates products from new ideas that go far beyond the ordinary and enrich daily life with greater well-being, health and beauty.

            Expertise at Migros Industrie

            Migros Industrie brands

            The innovative strength, versatility and quality awareness of Migros Industrie is reflected not only in the creation of private labels, but also in our brands. These include Favorit, Elsa, Aproz, Café Royal and Frey.

            Learn more about our brands.

            B2B business

            In the world of the food sector, Migros Industrie is a pioneer in Europe. Its ground-breaking role stretches both as a supplier and as a creative forge for innovative products. It is one of the few companies with such rich diversity in terms of development and production competencies across the global B2B business.

            Learn more about the B2B business.

            An international focus

            The unmistakable Swiss quality products such as chocolate, cheese and Bündnerfleisch meat are famous and sought-after around the world. Migros Industrie has steadily expanded its international presence through marketing structures and subsidiaries in Germany, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, the USA and Asia.

            Learn more about our international focus.


            As gastronomy experts within Migros Industrie, Swiss Gastro Solutions meets the diverse needs of the food service industry, focusing not only on culinary experiences but also on event catering, the hotel business, mass catering, and the careful provision of care homes and hospitals.

            Learn more about gastronomy.

            Working at Migros Industrie

            With over 13,000 employees and more than 20,000 food and non-food products, Migros Industrie is one of the largest private-label producers in the world. It keeps its finger on the pulse of the market, creates trends and continually inspires with innovative products and services. If you love numbers, we’ve listed everything for you again (source: 2022 figures):

            • 13,645 employees

            • 513 apprentices

            • 90 sites

            • 20,000 products

            • 5.78 billion in sales

            • 237 million in investments

            Employees are the engine of Migros Industrie. That’s why we do everything we can to ensure that our colleagues find precisely the opportunities they want at Migros Industrie. We offer not only great social benefits, but also flexible working time models such as part-time work and the option of mobile working. We thereby aim to ensure that our employees are able to find the best possible work-life balance.

            To the Migros Group work environment

            Is this where your dream job begins?

            • Jobs at Migros Industrie

              What our employees have to say

            • Jobs at Migros Industrie

              I was able to advance in production to the position of Team Leader.

              Rusmina Bruderer, Sausage Division Team Leader, Micarna Group
            • Jobs at Migros Industrie

              In my teams, I work with a lot of people from different cultures – that’s a great asset.

              Marco Spitz, Baked Goods Production North Division Manager, FFB Group
            • Jobs at Migros Industrie

              When I see the ice creams I helped develop on the packaging, I feel especially proud.

              Biljana Stamenkova, R&D employee, Delica
            • Jobs at Migros Industrie

              I’ve been on board with innovative concepts from the start and involved in both the creation and marketing of products.

              Christina Fuchs, Category Manager, Mibelle Group

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