Long-term partnership with US beverage giant

Keurig Dr Pepper adopts CoffeeB technology in new plastic-free pod

Cup of coffee with a CoffeeB Coffee Ball

US beverage giant Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) to incorporate CoffeeB's revolutionary coating technology to develop plastic- and aluminum-free coffee pods. The leading manufacturer of single-serve systems in North America has entered a long-term partnership with Delica. This gives KDP exclusive application rights to bring sustainable coffee enjoyment to the US, Mexico, and Canada.

Press release

CoffeeB, the world's first capsule-free coffee capsule system, combines a full flavor experience with convenience and sustainability. This innovation is made possible through the «Coffee Ball», coated with a protective alginate film developed by Delica and certified compostable in Europe. Keurig Dr Pepper, the leading North American single-serve coffee manufacturer, will incorporate the technology in its new plastic and aluminum-free «K-Rounds» pods. In a strategic move, KDP and Delica have entered a long-term partnership that gives KDP the exclusive rights to integrate the technology in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

«The fact that one of the world's biggest players in the coffee market has chosen to adapt our alginate coating is further proof that we have developed a revolutionary technology with potential to radically change the coffee market for good», says Frank Wilde, Head of CoffeeB. Wilde expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing that it aligns with CoffeeB's mission to eliminate capsule waste and bring sustainable portioned coffee to the over 130 million households in America. Wilde: «Of course, this is very much in the spirit of CoffeeB. After all, our mission is to rid the world of capsule waste.» Like CoffeeB’s Coffee Balls, KDP expects to achieve compostable certification so K-Rounds pods can be composted after use.

The protective layer, derived from fast-growing alginate, is a first for the capsule market and was developed by Delica in a process that took several years. This layer not only provides stability to the coffee ball and preserves aroma but also, with its secondary packaging, creates an effective oxygen barrier, thereby eliminating the need for aluminum or plastic capsules. After usage, the Coffee Ball is garden compostable, decomposing into valuable humus in compost within a few weeks.

Since the introduction of CoffeeB, Delica has been actively involved in establishing partnerships with key industry players worldwide, not only for the innovative Coffee Balls but also for the maximum scaling of the unique alginate technology. Further partnerships are being pursued.

About CoffeeB and Delica

The CoffeeB brand was launched in 2022 under the umbrella of Migros subsidiary Delica AG. CoffeeB is the world's first coffee-capsule system without capsules. This is made possible through the use of a small ball of pressed coffee. The sustainable single-serve coffee system offers excellent coffee quality and produces no capsule waste.

Buchs-based Delica AG combines more than 60 years of experience with innovative technology for the sustainable production and processing of food and drinks. It is one of the largest and most successful coffee roasters on the Swiss market, processing about 15,000 tonnes of raw coffee a year. It represents the highest in Swiss quality standards and premium enjoyment.

About Migros

With annual sales of CHF 31.9 billion (2023), the Migros Group is the market leader in the Swiss retail sector. At the same time, it is also the country's largest private-sector employer, with a workforce of approximately 98,000 people. Migros is owned by its more than two million cooperative members and organized into ten regional cooperatives. These cooperatives run the core business of the Migros Group: its retail business. The group also includes numerous industrials operating under the Migros Industrie umbrella, a wide range of trading, travel and logistical companies, and Migros Bank.