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Miduca Ltd: streamlining the site portfolio

Migros Club School building

Miduca Ltd is keen to continuously optimise the attractiveness of its locations and of its digital and physical infrastructures. It invests in innovative location concepts, digital learning formats and state-of-the-art technologies in order to further improve the customer experience. In the process, it focuses its resources on locations with sizeable reach and high market potential. Following an in-depth analysis, it is necessary to close the three sites in Brig, Sursee and Thun.

Press release

Miduca strives to offer an attractive learning environment for clients of the Migros Club School and the IBAW, Institute for Vocational Education and Training – both now and in the future. It implements innovative location concepts, such as at the Club School Basel, which will open a state-of-the-art centre in the new Clime building on the Grosspeter site in 2024. It is also forging ahead with expanding its online offering in line with current customer needs. Miduca is investing in digital learning formats and state-of-the-art technology so it can offer the general population an attractive range of courses and further education programmes throughout Switzerland, regardless of where they live.

Focused use of existing resources and site closures

In order for these future-oriented investments to be made, existing funds must be used efficiently at locations with sizeable reach and high market potential. This has led to the decision to close the Club Schools in Brig and Sursee at the end of June 2024 and the Club School in Thun at the end of December 2024. In addition, the two rooms in Lyss will no longer be used as of the end of 2024. In-demand courses will be continued in external premises wherever possible. For example, the very popular swimming courses in Thun will continue to be run at the Oberhofen indoor pool.

Alternatives will be provided for customers who have already booked programmes at the above locations. If you have any questions or concerns, the Club School’s customer service centre would be happy to assist.

Where possible, alternative internal roles will be offered to administrative employees and teaching staff affected by the site closures. Miduca will fulfil its responsibilities as a social employer and will offer affected employees affected by this downsizing a comprehensive redundancy package with a wide range of support measures, which has been developed in close cooperation with its social partners.

A diverse range of educational and leisure opportunities for the general population

Miduca is consistently pursuing its goal of inspiring its customers with stimulating programmes, innovative learning formats and a motivating learning environment. Anyone interested in furthering their education will still be able to benefit from a diverse and comprehensive range of courses at more than 20 locations throughout Switzerland. The Club School will continue to focus on the three core areas of languages, health and creativity, as before, while the IBAW offers high-quality, practical programmes in the fields of business, IT and teacher training.

Miduca PLC is a Migros Group company that motivates customers with inspiring educational and recreational offers, innovative learning methods and a supportive learning environment.
It is the umbrella organisation in charge of managing the autonomous brands Migros Club School (excluding the Club Schools belonging to the Migros Cooperative Ostschweiz), IBAW (Institut für berufliche Aus- und Weiterbildung), Tanzwerk101, event venue eins0eins, Welle7 Workspace and Restaurant the flow.