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A change of career at 61: Jürg Steiner's path from manager to mentor

Jürg Steiner has worked at Delica AG for 28 years, most recently as the head of production and dispatching for a team of 47 people. Now, at the age of 61, he has switched down a gear and moved into a less strenuous role.

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Why did you want to take things easier in your professional life?

«From about the age of 60, I started feeling a little tired. At work, I sometimes had less of the energy and strength that I had been used to from my younger years. This led to a growing sense of inner dissatisfaction. At some point in your life, you come to realise that your time on this planet is finite. You wonder where the journey should take you. Do I take on more responsibility at work or more time for myself, my family and my friends? Answering this question was easy for me. I want my private life to have greater priority again. That's why I actually wanted to take early retirement. However, this didn't happen

Why not?

«When I told my line manager that I wanted to retire early, he understood why I wanted to do so. Even so, he was keen to keep me in the company for longer if possible. While subsequently working together on a solution, we came across the flexible working models available for experienced employees. This enabled me to reduce my working hours and move into a less strenuous role.»

How has your working life changed since then?

«I have given up my managerial position and now work more in the background. I can pass on my know-how to colleagues, while at the same time being less in demand. That suits me fine! I now see myself as more of an experienced godfather who is available to provide advice. Thanks to the flexible working model, I have more time for myself and my loved ones

What were the biggest challenges for you in the course of the transition?

«From the very outset, I had no problem handing over responsibility. Instead, I now enjoy sharing my knowledge with younger employees. They're always happy when I give them tips that help them progress. The change in role is a win-win situation for everyone: Delica can continue benefiting from my expertise, while I have a better work-life balance. For the time being at least, I'm no longer considering early retirement

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