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Migros Ticket Festival 06.-13.05.2024

20 to 25% off festival tickets

As a presenting partner, Migros has long been doing more for the Swiss festival landscape. And now we’re also doing even more for you and your festival summer.

What we do

More festival for less

Get discounted tickets for your favourite festivals for an entire week – click on the link next to your chosen festival and save at least 20% when ordering limited tickets straight from the organiser.

Offer available while stocks last – but only until 13 May 2024.

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Order discounted tickets straight from the organiser


  • What exactly does “limited contingent” mean?

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    Only a limited number of discounted tickets are available. Migros Ticket Festival makes these special contingents available to our customers.

    • Is this special offer available for a limited period only?

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      Yes, the special offer is only available from 12.00 noon on 6 May until 11.59 p.m. on 13 May. If a ticket contingent for a particular festival sells out in advance, ticket sales for that festival will be closed.

      • Are the discounts available to all customers, or only to Cumulus members?

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        The discounts are available to all Migros customers. There are no longer any restrictions – as used to be the case in the Cumulus ticket store, when the discounted ticket contingents were only available to Cumulus members.

        • Is there a limit on the number of discounted tickets a person can purchase?

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          Yes, each person may purchase a maximum of four discounted tickets.

          • How do I get my tickets, and who will be handling the ticket orders?

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            Tickets can be ordered straight from the website of the festival ticket provider in question. The festival ticket provider in question also handles the entire sales process.

            • Who can I contact if there’s a technical problem or if I can’t place an order?

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              The orders are processed by the ticket providers appointed by the event organisers, who can be contacted via their hotlines if there are any problems.