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Migros does all this for Switzerland

It's an important job machine, protects the environment and demonstrates a commitment to society on several fronts. The figures behind this.

Michael West
What we do

Migros is the largest employer in Switzerland

97,727 people worked for Migros in 2022. You could fully populate a city such as Lucerne or St. Gallen with Migros employees.

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One in twenty people in Switzerland take part in the SlowUp experience days sponsored by Migros

Around 430,000 people participated in the SlowUp events last year. Roads set in beautiful scenery are closed to motor vehicles and, for one day at a time, belong to cyclists, inline skaters and pedestrians.

Migros collects one in five PET bottles recycled here in Switzerland

34,791 tonnes of PET bottles were collected for recycling in Switzerland in 2021, with Migros accounting for 6,234 tonnes of this total.

Migros produces all Swiss chewing gum

Migros operates Switzerland’sonly chewing gum factory – in Buchs in the canton of Aargau – which produces around 3,700 tonnes per year. Incidentally, all varieties of chewing gum have been sugar-free since 1988.

One in ten goods wagons are filled with Migros freight

In 2022, SBB Cargo transported Migros goods weighing a total of 1.47 million tonnes, filling around one tenth of all goods wagons. For the sake of the environment, Migros relies heavily on rail transport and has therefore been one of SBB Cargo’s most important customers for many years.

The people of Switzerland buy around one third of Swiss apples from Migros

Between March 2022 and February 2023, Migros sold around 22,874 tonnes of Swiss apples – accounting for around a third of the Swiss dessert apple harvest.

One in ten Swiss associations have already benefitted from the Migros Vitamin B service

There are around 100,000 large and small associations in Switzerland. One in ten have already benefitted from the expertise of the Vitamin B service, which offers advice and training for associations. This service exists thanks to the Migros Culture Percentage.

Two thirds of all fun runners run thanks to Migros

Migros sponsors Switzerland’s most popular fun runs, in which around 230,000 people take part every year. Around 350,000 people a year participate in running events in our country.

Around a fifth of Swiss potatoes are bought from Migros

Between March 2022 and February 2023, around 30,998 tonnes of Swiss potatoes ended up in Migros shopping baskets – equivalent to around a fifth of the Swiss potato harvest that arrives in stores unprocessed.

People buy over a third of Swiss carrots from Migros

Between March 2022 and February 2023, Migros sold around 18,584 tonnes of Swiss carrots – that’s more than a third of the Swiss carrot harvest that arrives in stores unprocessed.

Migros does more for Switzerland

Migros commits over CHF 160 million to Swiss society every year and regularly receives sustainable-retailer awards. This responsibility has been part of its DNA since it was established in 1925. The new slogan “Does more for Switzerland” sums this up perfectly.