We are a partner of Migros Hiking Sounds and the biggest and most beautiful festivals in Switzerland – ensuring an unforgettable summer of festivals.

We rock the summer of festivals

The number of traditional festivals in Switzerland is greater than in any other country. Many of the events have become an integral part of their respective regions. We’re showcasing festivals to suit every taste. For young people, who find camping together to be one of their festival highlights, you can find us at Openair Frauenfeld, Gurtenfestival, Paléo Festival, Open Air Lumnezia, Heitere Open Air, Openair Gampel and Festi’neuch.

In addition to these “classic” open-air festivals, we also support festivals aimed at a slightly older target group with “Moon&Stars”, “Stars in Town”, “Summerstage” etc., where the focus is on the musical experience and/or the ambience.

Dance, party, enjoy and discover new bands together – as a presenting partner, we support the biggest and most beautiful festivals in Switzerland to give you unforgettable festival moments.

List of the largest festivals we sponsor:

  • 13.-16.06.2024 – Festi'neuch Neuchâtel

  • 27.-29.06.2024 – Summerstage Basel

  • 11.-13.07.2024 – Openair Frauenfeld

  • 11.-21.07.2024 – Moon and Stars Locarno

  • 17.-20.07.2024 – Gurtenfestival Bern

  • 23.-28.07.2024 – Paléo Festival Nyon

  • 25.-27.07.2024 – Open Air Lumnezia

  • 31.07.-10.08.2024 – Stars in Town Schaffhausen

  • 09.-11.08.2024 – Heitere Open Air Zofingen

  • 10.08.2024 – Street Parade

  • 15.-18.08.2024 – Openair Gampel

  • 30.-31.08.2024 – Seaside Festival Spiez

  • 30.-31.08.2024 – SummerDays Arbon

Other sponsored activities

There’s a lot to discover at our sponsored events, so make sure you’re there as we get Switzerland moving! We report extensively on these events in our stories.

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