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Why you should give natural cosmetics a chance

Many people are focusing on a green lifestyle and on natural cosmetics. There are indeed some good arguments supporting this choice.

Petra Koci
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Certifications guarantee genuine care made from natural ingredients

Natural cosmetics do not contain petroleum-based or synthetic chemical ingredients, nor do they use genetic engineering. However, the term is not protected by law. That is why there are certifications that set strict guidelines for ingredients and production. If a product carries one of the quality seals such as BDIH, Natrue, Ecocert, Cosmos or Demeter, then it really is all natural.

Natural cosmetics are good for the skin ...

All ingredients originate in nature. They are based on plant oils, which are extremely effective due to their fatty acids and secondary plant substances, i.e. colourings, fragrances and aromas. They provide the skin with lasting care and strengthen the body’s own repair and protective mechanisms. Plant oils are similar to the skin’s own lipids and are well absorbed by the skin. They support the skin barrier so that moisture can be better stored. At the same time, the skin can breathe and the skin metabolism is actively supported.

and also for the environment

The production of ingredients derived from crude oil is hardly eco-friendly. Microplastics enter rivers and lakes through waste water and are not degradable. Neither are some synthetic ingredients. These substances are banned in certified natural cosmetics. In terms of environmental friendliness, packaging also counts: many manufacturers deliberately ensure as little packaging waste as possible and use recycled or recyclable materials, or even regional raw materials and Fairtrade.

Nature-based care is mild but effective 

It may be unusual at first: the scent of nature-based care is often subtle and the product does not produce much foam. Well, natural skincare only uses fragrances that are found in nature, such as floral waters, aromatic plant and herbal extracts or essential oils. In turn, the sugar and coconut surfactants used in soaps or shampoos lather very little, but they cleanse gently and effectively.

It is often more tolerable for people with allergies

Some people with sensitive skin may be allergic to certain ingredients in conventional cosmetics. Such mostly synthetic substances do not occur in natural cosmetics. Nevertheless, skin reactions cannot be completely ruled out even with natural-based care, because essential oils, marigolds or wool waxes can also irritate sensitive skin. It is true that they are only present in small concentrations, but if you have sensitive skin, you should test them first.

Natural skincare is often vegan and never tested on animals

Milk, eggs, honey, beeswax or wool fat are also considered natural ingredients. Natural cosmetics are therefore not necessarily vegan, although many producers rely on vegan products.

Animal testing for cosmetic products has been banned in the EU since 2013. The ban applies to purely cosmetic raw materials and not to those that are also used in detergents, for example. You can play it safe by choosing products with the Vegan seal. The BDIH and Bunny logos also guarantee that no ingredient has been tested on animals after a certain effective date.

Natural often (though not always) means organic

Raw materials for natural cosmetics do not necessarily have to be organically grown and produced. Only when at least 95 per cent of the plant-based substances come from controlled organic cultivation or wild harvests is it called organic cosmetics. This is guaranteed, for example, by the Cosmos Organic and Natrue organic cosmetics certification labels.

Find the right natural cosmetics for you

Migros already stocks a wide range of certified natural cosmetics. The popular brands such as I am Natural Cosmetics, Lavera and Kneipp have now been added. The brands Santé and LivVegan, which offer natural care for the whole family, are the latest additions. The young brand Hej Organic focuses on vegan and regional ingredients, the Danish label Urtekram on organic and Fairtrade. Florena’s care products work using a special fermentation manufacturing process. Pure natural soaps and lip balms are available from Dr. Bronner. And Alviana, Alnatura’s own beauty brand, now also offers solid soaps and solid shampoos.