A person holds a mobile phone with the Too Good To Go app on it.

Prevent food waste at a discount

Prevent food waste and save money

Buy food at a discount and prevent it from being thrown away – thanks to the partnership between Migros and Too Good To Go.

Nina Huber
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In 2019, Migros launched a partnership with Too Good To Go, a company founded in Denmark in 2016 and which now operates in 17 countries. The service is offered by 903 businesses within the Migros Group, ranging from a variety of supermarkets across all cooperatives to catering establishments, takeaways and Alnatura stores.

How does Too Good To Go work?

At closing time, if a participating store has products that are still in impeccable quality but can't be sold the next day due to their best-before date or the freshness requirement of the relevant store, this food is put into baskets that can then be purchased cheaply for around a third of its regular price.

In order to find these offers, you need the Too Good To Go app, which shows all the locations in the surrounding area.

More than 1.5 million baskets of rescued food

By March 2023, Migros had already prevented 1,542,101 baskets of food going to waste. That's equivalent to 3750 tonnes of saved CO2, enough for someone to fly from Zurich to New York 3720 times or take a hot shower continuously for 23 years.

What do the surprise baskets contain?

All kinds of food can be found in our surprise baskets. There's even a vegetarian variant. However, assorted fruits and vegetables are the most popular types of baskets. Almost half a million of them had been sold by late March 2023.

Incidentally, flower fans can also buy baskets of bouquets and freshly potted plants at a discount. Since 2022, some cooperatives have also been offering baskets of bread and other baked goods. In contrast to other baskets, these can be collected in the early morning.