Food waste

Food waste is everyone’s business

A man in a high-visibility vest stacks a box filled with colourful vegetables on top of other vegetable boxes.

Did you know that about one third of all food is lost between the field and the plate? According to a study by ETH Zurich from 2019, that’s about 330 kg per person and year. That’s why we’ve been campaigning against food waste for many years. You can also play a part in fighting food waste, because avoiding food waste isn’t difficult at all.

Our goal: less food waste

One thing is clear: to save this third, we must consistently avoid food waste from the field to the shelves of our stores to your home. This can only be achieved if everyone pitches in.

By the end of 2025...

... we will reduce food waste in the Migros supermarket and consumer market sector by 20%.
We fight for all food at different levels of the value chain, constantly entering into new partnerships to prevent food waste. For example, we saved 309,202 food packages from going to waste in 2022 with the free Too Good To Go app.

More about the food waste goals

Where do we stand today?

  • Doing more for less food waste

    99% of our food ...

    ... ends up on the plate instead of the bin. How do we manage that? See for yourself!

What we are currently doing

Help and save food!

With simple tips, you too can reduce food waste. Join now and let’s save food together.

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