Let your kitchen waste sprout!

Did you know that you can use vegetable scraps to grow new plants? It’s called regrowing – and here’s how it works.

Move The Date

Back onto your plate rather than into the compost – regrowing involves growing vegetables in your own kitchen. It works because many types of vegetable (e.g. lettuce and chard) are sold whole with their stalks and sometimes even with roots (e.g. leeks and spring onions) – and new shoots can then grow from these.

What you need:

  • Leftover vegetables of your choice

  • A bowl of water

What to do:

Cut the vegetables about 3 cm above the stalk or root. Place the leftovers into a bowl or glass of water. Make sure that only the bottom end of the stalk is in the water – after all, you don’t want to drown the plant! The roots of leeks and spring onions (particularly suitable for beginners) should be covered with water. Place your plants in a sunny spot and change the water every two days. You can harvest your fresh vegetables again after about five to ten days.

If you want to keep some of your vegetables on your windowsill for longer, you can also plant leftovers in peat-free organic soil after about two weeks and then watch the plants continue growing. Just remember to water them regularly!

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