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From culture and lifestyle topics to current news coverage, exciting features and delicious recipes: our publications show the whole diversity of our world – compiled and prepared for you in a reader-friendly way. So it’s worth taking a look regularly!

Why a magazine?

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    Our magazines

    More than just paper

    We have been publishing magazines for over 80 years. But why? See for yourself!

  • Our magazines

    We must create a condition in our daily lives that is consistent with the phrase: ‘We are a single nation of brothers’.

    Gottlieb Duttweiler, in his editorial in the first issue of Wir Brückenbauer – 30 July 1942

Migros Magazine: The weekly magazine for Switzerland

An issue of Migros magazine on a grey table.

Migros Magazine is our weekly publication. With a circulation of around 2.1 million copies, Migros Magazine is even the second-largest weekly publication in Switzerland. It contains the latest news from our world, tips for everyday life and information on what moves society.

A new issue of Migros Magazine is published every week on Mondays. We send it free of charge to all members of a Migros Cooperative and to all Cumulus members. The Migros Magazine is also available free of charge to everyone in all larger Migros branches, and at other locations.

Migusto: The cooking magazine for gourmets

An issue of Migusto cooking magazine on a grey table.

Cooking gives joy. Cooking is pleasure. Cooking is simple. That’s why we have “Migusto”, our cooking magazine.

The cooking magazine “Migusto” is a modern, inspiring magazine that opens the door to the world of cooking for everyone who loves food. Both passionate cooks and beginners or people who have little time on their hands will find recipes and ideas about cooking in “Migusto”.

“Migusto” is published ten times a year in German, French and Italian with a circulation of 250,000 copies. The magazine is placed in around 600 Migros supermarket branches throughout Switzerland and sold at a price of CHF 3. Members of the Migusto cooking club have received the magazine by post since 2018.

Azione: The weekly publication from Ticino

An issue of Azione magazine on a grey table.

Azione is the official mouthpiece of Migros Ticino. With a circulation of over 100,000 copies, it is the most widely distributed weekly publication for news and culture.

Azione reports on social and family topics as well as on business and politics at home and abroad. As a weekly newspaper for Ticino, it focuses on Ticino politics and culture. Features from all over the world, reports on animals, gardens, food and wines round off its range of topics.

Azione is 100 percent produced in Ticino and employs in-house journalists and layout experts. More than 100 freelance journalists in Switzerland and abroad augment its editorial team.

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