The family snow sports day

Migros Ski Day

Family on skis and with participant numbers smile with raised hands to the camera.

Migros Ski Day is the snow sports day for the whole family at an unbeatable price. As the title sponsor, we make it possible for this Swiss Ski event series to be held and, together with Famigros and SportX, we provide numerous offers and activities on and off the slopes.

We bring families to the slopes

Participation in the family snow sports day is possible at 15 locations throughout Switzerland. Each family completes a fun race together and can enjoy a delicious lunch. In the village, fun games with great prizes await the participants. And best of all: there are day passes for the corresponding ski area for all participants!

Famigros members benefit and pay only 95 Swiss Francs (instead of 120 Swiss Francs) per family! SportX offers a last-minute free check-up for skis and snowboards at each event.

This is Migros Ski Day

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