Sponsoring Switzerland

Our sponsorship principles

Runners cheer at the finish line of a Migros event.

Migros’ national sponsorship programme supports events in connection with “Swiss wrestling”, “fun runs”, “festivals” and “families and children”. Migros does sponsorship for the people. Or to put it another way, Migros sponsorship is sponsorship to get involved in.

Long-term partnerships take centre stage

With regard to our sponsorship activities, we focus on long-term partnerships. This allows us to be a credible, reliable partner. Our goal as the number one retailer is also to establish ourselves as the number one sponsor. That’s why we always get involved at the top sponsorship level.

Our sponsorship programme focuses exclusively on events and projects that take place in Switzerland and are in line with our area of activity. To ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from our sponsorship, we deliberately refrain from supporting teams and individual athletes.

Other sponsored activities

There’s a lot to discover at our sponsored events, so make sure you’re there as we get Switzerland moving! We report extensively on these events in our stories.

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