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Our social commitment

People of different ethnicities and genders sit together and laugh.

We are committed to supporting society – with around CHF 160 million per year. We create a broad range of programmes and offer bold new ideas in the areas of community life, culture, education, health, technology and ethics, and climate and resources. We also sponsor numerous events, including festivals, Swiss wrestling, fun runs, and family and children’s events.

A unique commitment

In its diversity, independence and consistency, our social commitment is unlike any other in the world.

The idea for it originated in the early days of Migros. Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler launched it in the early 1940s and even included Migros Culture Percentage as an independent business purpose in the Articles of Association in 1957. Since then, we have been committed to sustainable quality of life with passion and vision – not only in our core business, but far beyond. At the same time, we are strengthening social cohesion. Since 1979, the Migros Aid Fund and, since 2012, the Migros Pioneer Fund have also been part of our social initiatives and thus our commitment.

Leisure, culture & education

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