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We design our marketing and communication measures fairly and responsibly, based on clear principles and guidelines.

Why is responsible marketing important?

As a major Swiss retailer, we communicate with our stakeholders through various channels. Fair and respectful communication with the various interest groups is therefore an important part of our social and corporate responsibility.
In addition to traditional corporate communications (public relations communications, social media, in-house media such as the Migros magazine), we also reach a large portion of Swiss society through our advertising, sales promotions and sponsorships. With such a wide reach, we as a company bear a great deal of responsibility for the content we distribute and the way in which we market our products.

On the one hand, it is possible that such communications could have a negative impact on society, by promoting values that are not in line with responsible behaviour (e.g. glorification of violence or negative consumer behaviour). On the other hand, however, we can also use our reach to positively contribute to responsible behaviour in society, for example by transparently communicating the economic, ecological and social impact of our brands, products and services.

Fair and responsible marketing and communication measures and access to information regarding the composition of products and how they can be used and disposed of correctly can help customers make informed decisions.

What does responsible marketing mean for us?

People are at the heart of our multifaceted commitments, which is why fair and respectful communication with the various interest groups is an essential part of our corporate governance. We communicate quickly, openly and transparently. Communication forms part of our social and corporate responsibility. We are interested in other opinions and strive to do justice to legitimate interests, in so far as is possible.

Guiding principles for marketing communications

In order to fulfil our social and corporate responsibility, we have defined specific guiding principles for our marketing communications.

  • Protection of children

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    To protect children, i.e. persons under the age of 12, the following guidelines apply to Group-wide communications:

    • We promote a varied and balanced diet and an active lifestyle. “Unhealthy” products (e.g. those high in fat, sugar or salt) must not be the subject of media communications with a target audience consisting of over 35% children. 

    • It is not permitted to show children in direct consumption or usage situations (especially testimonials) if the advertised product or service is clearly unsuitable for them or if it has to be assumed that the children are unaware of this. 

    • Sales promotions at kindergartens and primary schools are not permitted unless specifically requested or approved by the school administration for educational purposes. 

    • There must be no direct appeal to or solicitation of children to make purchases. 

    • Communications must not encourage disrespect towards a role model (parent, teacher, etc.). The inexperience and credulity of children must not be exploited. 

    • Dangerous situations must not be shown and children must not be encouraged to behave dangerously, unless this is justified for educational or social reasons. 

    • In the case of toys in particular, false expectations must not be created by using special effects, incorrect size relations or exaggerated capabilities to fool children into believing that the product offers something that it does not.

    • The impression must not be given that children without the advertised item will be disadvantaged. 

    • Gender-neutral communication

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      Gender-neutral language and wording must be used for communications throughout the Migros Group. Our guidelines state:

      • Whenever possible, we use gender-neutral wording (e.g. customers, participants, etc.). 

      • If gender-neutral wording is not possible, we use the gender asterisk (*) (the asterisk includes non-binary persons).

      • When addressing non-binary persons directly, we use their first name and surname. 

      • Sustainable promotions and give-aways

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        At the Migros Group, we run promotions such as “Migros Manias” or distribute prizes via give-aways at events sponsored or organised by us. We attach great importance to sustainable concepts that minimise negative impacts on people and the environment at every stage of the value chain. For this reason, social and environmental issues must be systematically and comprehensively addressed as early as the planning and design phase, for which we have drawn up a specific guide for sustainable promotions and give-aways.

        • Transparent communication

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          The following applies to all cooperative retailing communication measures (the activities of the ten regional Migros cooperatives):

          • Communications must not be untrue or misleading. 

          • Communications must be designed in such a way that the trust of consumers is not abused and any lack of experience or knowledge is not exploited. 

          • No physical or psychological violence

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            Our cooperative retailing communication measures must fulfil the following requirements:

            • Communications must not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, religion, political orientation, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation. 

            • Communications must not portray or incite the use of violence. 

            • Communications must not take advantage of the misfortune or suffering of others. 

            • No promotions on fruit and vegetables that have been transported by air

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              In cooperative retailing, we generally refrain from running promotions on products that have been transported by air (labelled “by air”) in the entire fresh fruit and vegetable range. The only exception to this may be promotions on an entire product group, such as a promotion on “all Migros Sélection items”, which may also include products transported by air.

              • No gender pricing

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                Migros (supermarkets, hypermarkets and Migros Online) rejects “gender pricing” or price differentiation based on gender and is committed to fair and non-discriminatory pricing. 

                • No racism, sexism or discrimination against minorities

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                  Migros (supermarkets, hypermarkets and specialist markets) explicitly rejects racism, sexism and discrimination against minorities. This stance should also be reflected in our product range. We therefore attach great importance to ensuring a diverse product range that is as gender-neutral as possible (design, product names, other claims on the packaging), which does not demean anyone and which avoids traditional social clichés that may be associated with our products. 

                  • Transparent information on sustainability

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                    With the M-Check, we provide comprehensive transparency relating to sustainability on the packaging of our own brand products in supermarkets and hypermarkets. On a scale of 1 to 5, similar to a hotel rating, the M-Check rates Migros own brands in terms of climate compatibility, animal welfare, environmentally friendly packaging, fish from responsible sources and recyclability.

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