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Transparency for you and us

Two men talk in front of a quinoa field.

Transparency is rooted in our DNA. We believe that our global commitment to people, animals and the environment should be visible and understandable. This is the only way for us to make continuous progress and increase your confidence that you can shop with us with a clear conscience.

Our work: transparent and traceable

We are committed to this principle – not only in Switzerland, but along the entire supply chain worldwide. We want you to feel our efforts and be able to make the right purchasing decision based on comprehensibility, transparency and clear information. In addition, transparent supply chains are vital for us to make continuous progress in terms of environmental and social standards. We are striving to continuously expand traceability and provide insight into the following:

  • Where do the products originate? We check that our products comply with social, environmental and quality standards, through to cultivation or the final processing stage.

  • How and under what conditions are the products produced? For contentious raw materials such as palm oil or chocolate, we go one step further and check the supply chain right back to the source.

  • How can you find out more about a specific product? Use our clever code pages to trace our products, and find out how sustainable our products are in M-Check.

What good cooperation looks like

We strive for long-term and close partnerships with our producers. Want an example? Find out more about our quinoa from the highlands of Bolivia.

  • A quinoa field in the foreground, behind it hills of the Bolivian highlands ​

    Our Fairtrade partners

    Quinoa from sustainable cultivation

    A visit to our producers in the Bolivian highlands.

Supply chains and information on production plants

Many of our products are made abroad. We closely monitor the conditions under which these products are manufactured. In our own-brand clothing and household ranges, we go one step further and publish this information. The following table shows our supply chains with a focus on critical countries of origin. It contains information on the production facilities at the final processing stage and the verification of social standards.

The data is updated annually. We plan to publish information about further production facilities and product ranges.

Illustration of a world map

Clever codes for product traceability

We source our eggs from farms all over Switzerland. Our bananas from the WWF project come from plantations in Ecuador and Colombia. Want to find out more about the origin of our products?

Transparency in our supply chains

The raw materials for our products come from all over the world. Find out more about their origin and their journey here!

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