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Whether for animal welfare, for your own health, out of curiosity or for the environment and climate: there are various reasons why people decide to eat more plant-based foods. In our range, you will find around 1,000 products certified as vegan that make it easy to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet.

What we do

Our vegan products make your plant-based diet simple – and above all varied and enjoyable. It’s good for you, good for the environment and good for the animals. In short: it just makes sense. Give it a try!

  • In order to further expand the vegan product range, we are continuing research into protein alternatives.

  • We already offer around 1,000 vegan products in supermarkets and over 1,000 vegan recipes at Migusto.

  • Our own brand V Love is growing steadily: with innovative plant-based alternatives to meat and fish, dairy substitutes as well as snacks, confectionery and frozen products. You’ll find everything you need for your plant-based diet here.

Vegan alternatives in supermarkets

  • Enjoy without sacrifice

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What we are currently doing

Vegan brands & labels in our product range

It has never been so easy to eat more or completely plant-based food – without feeling like you have to miss out. There are plant-based alternatives or delicious vegan substitutes for many animal-based foods. The V-Label or the vegan flower tell you at a glance whether a processed product is vegetarian or vegan.

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Our V-Love products are certified with the V-Label. For vegetarian products, this means that no ingredients from animals that have been killed are used – throughout the entire production process. The V-Label is awarded to our vegan products if no animal products such as milk, dairy products, eggs or honey are used in the processing from A to Z. In addition, the label is not permitted if genetically modified ingredients are demonstrably included or if harmful animal testing is carried out. V-Love requires less land and water than the production of products of animal origin. This means that V-Love emits less CO₂ and you can protect the climate while eating.

Our vegan product variety

Acting sustainably together

You can find out more about our commitment to a wide range of sustainable products in the stories.

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