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All you need for a balanced diet

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Our product range provides all you need for a varied and balanced diet. We are committed to making our customers’ choices easier by providing transparent information and work continuously to optimise the composition of our products.

Our nutrition targets

Formula specifications for our food

We want to offer our customers food that tastes delicious, contains the simplest of ingredients and has a good nutritional profile. To do this, we regularly put our recipes to the test and improve them as and when necessary. By way of example, we will reduce the additives and flavourings used in at least 300 products by the end of 2025.

Expansion of our product range

Whether vegan or vegetarian, lactose-free or gluten-free – not everyone can or wants to eat everything on their plate without thinking twice. That’s why we have expanded our range of foods for special dietary requirements. As an example, our product range now includes over 1,000 labelled vegetarian and vegan products, while the number of products suitable for people with allergies is growing all the time. Alongside around 300 products with the aha! seal of quality, we also stock many other lactose- and gluten-free products from other brands.

More transparency when shopping

How do I find the best nutritional value? Our customers want clear and understandable information about the nutritional value of our foods. We want that, too! That’s why we provide the easy-to-understand Nutri-Score for many products.

Our sustainability strategy illustrates all the goals that we have set ourselves to promote healthy nutrition.

Actions not words

We reach millions of customers with our products every day and are implementing a raft of measures aimed at offering them a varied range of foods for a balanced diet – from product optimisation and various food partnerships to nutrition-based projects and helpful information.

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  • Formula specifications and optimisations

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    Our Migros formula specifications are used to optimise products in the own-brand range. We continually check, optimise and improve our recipes, by reducing sugar, salt, flavourings and additives, for instance. When developing new products, we take the formula specifications into account right from the start.

    • Milan Declaration

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      The Milan Declaration is a government project for reducing sugar in various product categories: yoghurt, quark, milk-based drinks, breakfast cereals and sweetened beverages. Migros has been on board from the start, having signed the declaration back in 2015.

      14.4% less added sugar in yoghurt and 24% less added sugar in breakfast cereals – that is the impressive interim result we achieved across our national own-brand product range in 2021. But we want to go further still and are aiming to achieve the following targets by the end of 2024:

      • 10% less added sugar in yoghurt

      • 10% less added sugar in quark

      • 10% less added sugar in milk-based drinks

      • 15% less added sugar in breakfast cereals

      • 10% less total sugar in sweetened beverages

      These and other sugar-reduction measures that have already been implemented enable us to reduce total sugar consumption by hundreds of tonnes per year without compromising on the flavour of our products.

      Find out more about reducing sugar.

      • Additive reduction

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        The industrial nature of food production coupled with quality, safety and shelf-life requirements often demand the use of additives. We advocate restraint when it comes to using additives, fully in keeping with the motto “as little as possible and as much as necessary”. We are also constantly striving to make our recipes more natural and, wherever possible, reduce or even totally eliminate additives and flavourings.

        • Nutri-Score

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          With the Nutri-Score, we have introduced an internationally recognised evaluation system that was developed by independent scientists. The Nutri-Score appears on the front of packaging and evaluates the nutritional values of products using a colour-coded scale ranging from A to E. This makes it possible to see at a glance which product in a range of comparable products has the better nutritional values.

          The Nutri-Score can currently be found on over 2,000 articles from a wide variety of product ranges (e.g. breads, dairy products, convenience products such as ready meals, meat alternatives, frozen products, sweet products such as ice cream, biscuits, baking mixes, etc.).

          The best range for all dietary needs

          • Our brands

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            Our product range works for you and your daily routine – see for yourself!

          Our partnerships and collaborations

          • FSVO

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            The Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) is the government’s centre of excellence for food safety, nutrition, animal health and animal protection.

            We have been cooperating closely with the FSVO for many years – currently on the Nutri-Score and on reducing sugar in accordance with the Milan Declaration, for example.

            • SSN

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              The Swiss Society for Nutrition (SSN) is the national organisation for nutritional issues. On behalf of the FSVO, it provides clarification to the general public and the industry on all issues relating to balanced diets, based on scientifically substantiated information.

              We have been a member of the SSN for many years.

              • Swiss Folic Acid Foundation

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                The Swiss Folic Acid Foundation was established in the year 2000, with the aim of closing the “folic acid gap” in Switzerland so as to reduce cases of birth defects such as spina bifida.

                We have been a partner of the Swiss Folic Acid Foundation since its inception and stock numerous products displaying the folic acid label under the Blévita brand.

                • aha!

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                  The independent foundation aha! Swiss Allergy Centre is a centre of excellence in the field of allergies and intolerances.

                  With its aha! product line, Migros offers a wide range of products for everyday needs, particularly in the areas of lactose and gluten intolerance. The aha! range is independently certified.

                  Regular meetings are held between Migros and the aha! Swiss Allergy Centre.

                  • SAS

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                    Service Allergie Suisse (SAS) is the company that acts as the independent certification body for the aha! allergy seal of quality. It certifies and awards the allergy seal of quality for consumer goods and services that are produced and distributed subject to special consideration of allergy and intolerance issues.

                    We are in constant dialogue with SAS and have all own-brand products with allergen awards certified by the service.

                    • Swissveg

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                      Swissveg is the oldest and largest lobby group for vegetarians and vegans living in Switzerland. The V label, founded by Swissveg, serves to declare that products are vegetarian or vegan.

                      We work in partnership with Swissveg and have products certified in accordance with the V label.

                      • Vegan Society Switzerland

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                        The Vegan Society Switzerland is a non-profit organisation promoting a vegan lifestyle in Switzerland. It is a partner of the Vegan Society UK, which awards the Vegan Trademark.

                        We work in partnership with the Vegan Society Switzerland and have products certified in accordance with the Vegan Trademark.

                        • fial

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                          The Federation of Swiss Food Industries (fial) is an amalgamation of Swiss food industry associations whose purpose is to uphold the shared economic and political interests of the affiliated industries and their member companies.

                          We have been a fial member for many years and are represented on the Food Commission, for example.

                          • IGZ

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                            The Coeliac Society in German-speaking Switzerland (IGZ) is a health organisation dedicated to helping people who suffer from coeliac disease (gluten intolerance). The IGZ issues the licence for the gluten-free symbol (crossed-out ear of wheat) in Switzerland.

                            We have a licencing agreement with the IGZ and label all our gluten-free own brands with the gluten-free symbol. We also have regular meetings with the IGZ to deal with communication and licencing matters.

                            This is how we promote a balanced diet

                            A balanced diet is the basis for a healthy life. We campaign for this through our initiatives.

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