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What do Migros Group apprentices think?

Every summer, 1,500 young people start their careers at Migros. What do they think? What do they like about their work? And what else do they do? Four apprentices tell their stories.

Anne-Sophie Keller and Monica Müller

Ronja Engel

(18) from Arisdorf, canton of Basel-Country, is in her third apprenticeship year as a retail professional at the MM supermarket in Sissach, canton of Basel-Country. And in doing so, she is following in her mother’s footsteps.

Ronja Engel
Ronja Engel is doing an apprenticeship as a retail professional. The Talent Matcher confirmed that her choice was correct.© zVg

How did you come to Migros?

I never had a dream job, but I always wanted to do something with people. And something that requires a lot of moving around because I can’t sit still. I then got a taste of a few professions, from nursery school teacher to system caterer. I found my current apprenticeship at the Migros Apprenticeship Hub, which was still called New Talents at the time. My mother is also a retail professional, she works at Migros Pratteln in the take-away as a deputy manager. Through her, I got my first insight into the profession and the Migros world. I tried the Talent Matcher just for fun, and it actually came up with retail professional!

What do you like most about your job?

I like the contact with the people, it’s very special. Working in a team is also really important to me. When I go to work, it feels like I’m meeting up with my colleagues. I work in the homewares department. In this department we hear so many stories from the customers. And it’s super fun almost every day. When you serve a customer and she thanks you very much, that’s really nice. Yesterday my mother came shopping and a regular customer told her how proud she could be of me.

How do you spend your evenings?

When my mother and I sit together in the evening, we often share similar stories of our days. But I also like being alone because I interact with people all day. I’m actually very introverted, which doesn’t match my job at all. I like to listen to music, do stuff for school, try new things with my camera or go for a long walk with my dog.

Carla Bienz

(17) from Niederwangen near Bern is in her second year as an apprentice driver of heavyweight trucks VET. She loves big vehicles.

Carla Bienz
Carla Bienz is a passionate truck driver. She has just passed her trailer test.© Marco Zanoni

You’ll soon be 18 years old. Are you allowed to drive trucks already?

We apprentices are allowed to learn to drive a car and truck at 17 and take the test at 17.5. I’ve just passed my trailer test! With a trailer, the truck is 18.75 metres long. At first it’s a bit strange and exhausting. Now I think it’s mega cool. Such a large vehicle has an incredible power – that’s just so much fun!

How did you decide on this apprenticeship?

I actually wanted to do an apprenticeship as an equine veterinary practice assistant. That didn’t work out, so I looked around. I first tried my hand in a bakery and then, on my father’s advice, as a driver of heavyweight trucks. I liked that right away. I was already allowed to drive a tractor in my uncle’s field when I was 14 and I always thought it was very cool.

What did you want to do when you were a young girl?

My dream job back then was to be a policewoman.

What does your daily routine look like?

The earliest tour departs at 3.45 a.m., the latest at 5.45 a.m. What’s great about that is that there’s no traffic at that time of day and I get off work early in the evening. I like spending a lot of time in the cabin, having contact with the stackers in the branches and being able to be physically active when loading and unloading.

How do people react when you tell them what you do for a living?

Most are very surprised and ask twice. For me it’s nothing special: we were four girls in the class and now I also look after two new female apprentices. I’m used to being around men. Some talk a bit crudely, many make wisecracks. I’m not sensitive about it: I laugh, say something back or I don’t care.

What do you want for the future?

I would like to successfully complete my apprenticeship and work in this profession for as long as possible.

Alejandro Weber

(18) from Winterthur started his commercial apprenticeship in August 2020. Before that, he was doing an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, where he had an accident. After rehab, he joined Migros.

Alejandro Weber
Alejandro Weber found out that a commercial profession suited him very well.© zVg

What was your first apprenticeship?

I was always very good at crafts in secondary school. During a taster week, I was able to try my hand as a bricklayer, which I liked the most. I then started my apprenticeship in the summer of 2018. I liked it a lot, but it was very exhausting. Then at the end of 2019 I had an accident. I would have had the afternoon off. So I worked a little faster so I could leave a little earlier. The piecework mason told me to get a kettle. I went up on the scaffolding with it and slipped with my left foot. I slid down a slope and my kneecap popped out. That was extremely painful. At first I thought I’d broken something. I was driven straight to the hospital and operated on the next day.

How did you come to Migros?

I first went to physiotherapy and then to a rehabilitation clinic for almost four months. At physio it was determined that I can’t go back to construction. That was a major blow. It was tough to tell the company that I could no longer continue working there. But my parents said that new doors would also open. I took an interest test at the rehabilitation clinic and found out that the commercial side of things suited me very well. I then went to check out the wealth centre in Zurich and realised that I liked working in the office. Eventually, I ended up at Migros.

How do you find a balance now?

From construction to office – that’s a big difference! Now I sit inside all day, but I have more energy for my friends and can go swimming or to the gym.

Andrej Trifunovic

(16) from Opfikon, canton of Zurich, started his second year of a commercial apprenticeship in August 2020. He is a footballer with FCZ U18 and in the Serbian U17 national team.

Andrej Trifunovic
Andrej Trifunovic is striving for a professional football career in addition to his commercial apprenticeship.© Marco Zanoni

What’s your passion?

I have played football since I could walk. When I was four, I went to SV Seebach, and when I was eight, I joined FC Zurich’s U9 team. I now play there with the U18s. When I’m on the pitch, I forget everything else. All stress or any problems. Football lives from emotions, and that is something that defines me. Football brings people together. Not only on the pitch, but also through fan culture. I have training four times a week at the moment and a match every Saturday.

Why did you decide on an office job at Migros?

I once had a look at being a computer scientist, but I was more convinced by the commercial side of things. You get a good basic education and good opportunities for further education. I have two aunts who work at Migros. That’s why I’ve always heard what it’s like. So far I like it very much, I’ve been able to learn a lot and the colleagues are very supportive of the apprentices. We’re taken seriously, even if we are much younger than the others. In addition, I can combine the apprenticeship well with sport, which is important to me.

What do you want for the future?

I want to be a professional footballer one day. Not many manage that; you have to have the talent for it. The most important thing is discipline in training and the right attitude. You have to do more than the others; whether on or off the pitch. You can’t go out every day if you also want to fit in everything else. I also want to successfully complete my apprenticeship. And if the professional football career doesn’t work out: then I’ll catch up with the vocational secondary school (BMS) and continue my education.

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