Jérôme Mercet (28), Chief Cashier Migros Geneva

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The Migros Group trains 3,700 apprentices. Many of them stay with the company even after their apprenticeship. We met with five employees.


At the beginning of August, more than 1,300 young people began their working lives at Migros. They are training to become retail professionals, logistics specialists, food technologists, plant operators or recycling specialists. The 42 companies of the Migros Group offer apprenticeships in over 50 professions. “Vocational training is central to us and of great importance,” says Stefan Gamper, Head Young Talents at Migros. “We need specialists in many areas. Especially in retail, IT, but also in the technical professions, we are therefore dependent on well-trained young people.” 

A total of 3,700 apprentices complete their vocational training at the Migros Group. Some stay with the Group for a long time. We asked five of them why.

Paul Würms (61), Production Planner Bina

Paul Würms has been working for the Migros subsidiary Bina all his life.

Paul Würms came to the Migros Group because of his mother. She saw a Bina advertisement in a newspaper: apprentices wanted. The Eastern Switzerland native went to Bischoffszell for a taster visit and had the apprenticeship contract in the bag a week later. At that time, the training was called “canned food and frozen food specialist”, but now it is called “food technology”. Shortly after his apprenticeship, he entered the military service. “The 1.5 years in the military was the only break from Bina.” Back in his former apprenticeship company, he completed further training to become a federal food specialist and was frequently working in new areas. Today he is a production planner and coordinates the production of drinks, soups, sauces and crisps. “Bina has continuously invested in new products, which is very exciting.” He also praises the collegial culture in the company and the social benefits. “So I never had much of an incentive to look for a job in another company.” Nevertheless, it will soon be time to say goodbye. Paul Würms is taking early retirement at the end of the year.

(At Bina, Bischoffszell, for 45 years)


«Nothing is handed to you on a plate, so you must never stand still and you must always continue to educate yourself.»

Mickaël Rapin (30), Head of Order Picking Elsa-Mifroma

Mickaël Rapin is Head of Order Picking at Migros milk processor ELSA.

Mickaël Rapin is not the type to be discouraged. When a teacher told him at the end of his mandatory schooling that he would have been good for more than an apprenticeship, the young Fribourg native was not deterred. “On the contrary, it motivated me. I wanted to show that it’s also possible to climb the career ladder if you start in the trenches.”

After completing his apprenticeship as a logistics specialist at ELSA in Estavayer (FR), Mickaël Rapin perfected his German for a year at the Migros Eastern Switzerland distribution centre in Gossau, canton of St. Gallen, before going on to complete a federal master’s degree in logistics. “For four years I studied on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays in addition to my everyday work. My days were very intense, but I had only one goal in mind: to take on more responsibility at ELSA and prove to myself that I am capable of doing so.” Today, Mickaël Rapin is Head of Order Picking and supervises a team of 70 employees who are responsible for order preparation and storage. He is also the right-hand man to the Head of Logistics and Sales. “I’m proud of my career. The fact that I have been successful is also thanks to the corporate culture here. There is a great willingness to pass on know-how and I had the opportunity to quickly take on responsibility. That has always motivated me.”

(At ELSA-Mifroma for 14 years)


«If you want it, you can do it! You have to take your destiny in your own hands and be aware that you’re doing an apprenticeship for yourself.»

Irena Obradovic (30), Branch Manager Denner

Irena Obradovic at the Denner branch in Wydnau Rhyland, which she manages.

Irena Obradovic has been working for Denner for half her life. 14 years ago, she started her apprenticeship as a retail expert at the Migros subsidiary, and today the 30-year-old manages a branch. “I looked around on the Denner website for an apprenticeship, and a job in Wattwil popped up,” she recalls. She had always enjoyed the food and the contact with customers. She did have to commute two hours every day to the apprenticeship company. “But the fact that I was able to do the three-year apprenticeship with a federal certificate of proficiency was my priority.” She says she is grateful for all the opportunities she was given. After her apprenticeship, she became assistant to the branch manager, a short time later deputy and at the age of 24 she was already a branch manager herself. In her shop in St. Gallen, she is in charge of 10 employees and one apprentice. “Denner promotes the young, the company sees the potential and places its trust in them. I think that’s great.” Despite the rapid ascent, it is not yet the end of the road. She now also trains employees in new shop concepts. “Every time I thought I could move forward, Denner would approach me with an offer.”

(With Denner for 14 years)

Career tip:

«Everyone has their career in their own hands. If you make an effort and show interest, doors open.»

Jérôme Mercet (28), Chief Cashier Migros Geneva

Jérôme Mercet is Head of Customer Service and responsible for the tills at a Migros Geneva branch.

Before Jérôme Mercet started an apprenticeship as a retail professional at Migros at the age of 22, he worked in a trust company, completed an internship as an early childhood educator in a daycare centre and earned a diploma as a flight attendant. “I also recently received a job offer from Swiss, but I turned it down. You can travel all over the world, but when I compared the working conditions, I quickly realised that there was no better place than Migros.” The Geneva native does not regret his decision. “If you show your supervisor that you are motivated and want to develop, there are many career opportunities open to you.”

After his apprenticeship, Jérôme Mercet was offered a permanent position as a sales assistant in the food sector and then asked to train as an administrative manager. Migros said yes to this. “I’m in charge of customer service and checkout processing for the shop and manage a team of 10 cashiers. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy to give instructions because my co-workers were mostly older and I had to show authority. But I quickly realised that you always find the right tone if you listen first.”

(With Migros Geneva for 6 years)


«You have to do your best. In return, Migros offers many opportunities for development.»

Marco Fluri (24), Head of Incoming Goods Distribution in Neuendorf

Marco Fluri monitors which goods arrive at the Migros distribution centre in Neuendorf.

As a logistics specialist, Marco Fluri (24) works in the background to ensure that the Migros shops are regularly supplied with products. The 24-year-old is Head of Incoming Goods at Migros Distribution Centre AG in Neuendorf, canton of Solothurn – the hub for textiles, frozen products, detergents, cosmetics, toilet paper and many other non-food products. “Even during the taster visit, I was excited about how varied the logistics are.” It also offered many opportunities for further training after the apprenticeship. After his apprenticeship, Fluri switched to the incoming goods department, first as an inspector, then as an all-rounder. After further training to become a logistics specialist with a federal certificate, which he completed last summer, he was promoted in autumn. “Migros has always supported me in all areas. I was challenged and encouraged.” The social benefits are also very good. He does not yet know what the future holds. “I feel very comfortable at Migros and am over the moon to be part of my team.” Because a major project had just been launched in the distribution business, he had been able to take on new tasks. “This also allows me to develop personally – it’s a school for life.”

(At Migros Distribution Centre AG in Neuendorf for 9 years)

Career tip:

«Always go full throttle. But don’t get rattled if something doesn’t work out. Champions have also grown from defeat!»

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