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Climate-friendly travel

Our employees are leading the way – climate-friendly mobility makes the difference.

Janine Radlingmayr
What we do

Climate-friendly mobility starts with each and every one of us. We therefore avoid unnecessary business flights and encourage our employees to use public transport, our car-sharing partnership or bikes wherever possible.

Because emissions count

As an eco-friendly company, we have ambitious aims. And because we take climate protection seriously, our aims are compatible with the Paris Climate Agreement. We know that emissions caused by business flights or car travel impact the company’s greenhouse gas balance. When it comes to the mobility of our employees, we therefore advocate mobile, flexible forms of working and climate-friendly means of transport:

  • We make a climate contribution for our business flights. If business flights are unavoidable, we make a climate contribution to compensate for the resulting CO2 emissions and use the money to finance projects that reduce the negative impacts on the climate.

  • We don’t drive climate killers. When we drive cars for work, we only use vehicles that meet strict CO2 emissions requirements.

  • We travel by bus and rail. Our rules for expenses? It’s quite simple – if we’re travelling on business, we choose public transport.

Car-sharing at Migros – the smart alternative

Red vehicle from the Mobility Carsharing fleet
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We think car-sharing is great. Because sharing your car with others protects the climate. That’s why we are a Mobility Carsharing partner. Our employees benefit from favourable terms and conditions, and get reduced rates for private trips. But switching is also worth it for our customers in the Cumulus programme, as they get points for every journey with Mobility Carsharing.

We’re getting on our bikes

Switching from car to bike is good for your health as well as for the environment. That’s why we joined forces with the Pro Velo Switzerland association to launch the «bike to work» campaign way back in 2005. The campaign, which has been staged every year since, encourages people to do at least part of their commute by bike for a month. The number of days our employees get on their bikes has been rising for years.