Climate and energy

Our very best for climate protection

Solar panels on the roof of a Migros branch.

We are acting now! For the climate and for you. As a sustainable company, we are leading the way in climate protection. We have set ourselves specific targets to reduce our carbon footprint to zero, but climate protection will only succeed if everyone participates. So what are you waiting for?

Our target: net zero by 2050

The bottom line is that we want the entire Migros Group to stop emitting greenhouse gases by 2050. This is our contribution to the Paris climate protection agreement and commitment to limiting global warming to 1.5 °C. However, it is a long journey to net zero emissions.

By 2030…

... we as the Migros Group want to reduce our CO₂ emissions in operations by 30%. This includes, among others, electricity and heat consumption as well as fuel for our vehicles.

By 2040 …

... we want to rely on 100% renewable heat generation and 100% natural refrigerants in our branches.

Where we stand today

  • Orange Migros M on a green meadow.

    More for the climate

    Reducing the maximum

    How are we achieving this? Have a look for yourselves...

What we are currently doing

Shopping with a clear conscience

Together for the climate

You thereby save electricity as well as energy and help to protect the climate.

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