A cup of espresso next to a coffee ball.

Twelve facts about CoffeeB

The best capsules are no capsules

CoffeeB is the greatest product innovation in the history of Migros, offering the advantages of capsule coffee without the bitter after-taste of capsule waste. Twelve facts and a competition – with no coffee grounds whatsoever.

Dinah Leuenberger
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What is CoffeeB?

The new capsule-free and waste-free coffee capsule system from Migros.

How are coffee balls held together?

By means of a flavourless, plant-based protective shell. One of the main components of this is alginate, which is extracted from algae. This shell offers the perfect natural barrier against oxygen and therefore the loss of flavour, without adversely affecting the taste of the coffee. The protective shell gives coffee balls additional stability – even during brewing – and doesn't dissolve during extraction. Coffee balls are also allergen-free.

How does CoffeeB work?

The freshly roasted coffee balls are placed in the machine and produce coffee at the touch of a button thanks to brewing technology patented by the Café Royal brand. Step by step: the coffee ball is placed in the opening, either by hand or using a carousel with space for up to nine balls. Then you push the lever downwards. You press a button to select the cup size and watch as your coffee slowly flows into the relevant recipient.

What varieties are there?

There are a total of eight varieties: lungo, lungo forte, organic lungo, espresso, espresso forte, organic espresso, ristretto and decaffeinato, all from renewable sources, roasted and produced in Switzerland and 100% carbon-offset.

What does CoffeeB coffee cost?

In terms of price, CoffeeB is comparable to conventional coffee capsules that can be bought in Swiss retail stores. A packet of coffee balls costs as little as CHF 4.60 and contains nine coffee balls.

Did Migros invent the CoffeeB system?

Yes. Appalled by the waste generated by capsules – 100,000 tonnes a year – Migros subsidiary Delica developed a system that no longer produces capsule waste. The result is CoffeeB.

Where can I buy CoffeeB?

At more than 650 Migros branches and all 104 Melectronics stores. At Migros Online and Digitec Galaxus. CoffeeB is also available in France and will be sold in Germany from 2023 onwards.

What's the problem with capsule waste?

Every year, billions of aluminium and plastic capsules are sold around the world. Most of them (about 70%) end up in rubbish bins, creating more than 100,000 tonnes of capsule waste every year – ten times the weight of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Is CoffeeB more sustainable than other coffee systems?

Unlike traditional capsule systems, CoffeeB works entirely without aluminium or plastic capsules. All of the components of coffee balls are compostable. Compared to fully automatic machines and portafilter systems, CoffeeB has the advantage that it uses less coffee per cup, thus reducing the carbon footprint by about 30%.

What should I do with used coffee balls?

These can be composted in the garden, where they will decompose into valuable humus within four weeks. By comparison, biodegradable capsules made of plastic can only be composted industrially, and it can take months if not years before they've broken down fully. You can put add coffee balls in your compost with a clear conscience, and even use them to fertilise your plants.

Do I need a new machine?

Yes. This high-quality coffee can only be extracted using a new machine with a specially developed brewing unit. The CoffeeB Globe coffee machine is very quiet, energy-efficient, has a short warm-up time and switches off automatically after just one minute. About a third of the machine is made from recycled materials. And thanks to its modular design, individual components can be replaced and/or repaired in a targeted manner.

Migros sells aluminium and plastic capsules. Will these now be removed from the product range?

CoffeeB may well change the way that we drink portioned coffee. However, this transition will take time and – just like with the switch to electric cars – this won't happen overnight. In the meantime, we'll continue selling capsules from Café Royal and Delizio.