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When is it worth using an investment manager?

Only the rich can have their money managed by professionals? False. It's also possible with only modest assets. Our experts give their advice on how this works.

Angie Schweizer

Question: I have managed to save up a small financial cushion and want to invest the money, without having to actively monitor it. When does it make sense to use a professional investment manager?

Answer: You can start considering an investment manager once you have 5,000 Swiss francs to invest. For this amount of money, many banks today already offer digital investment solutions – at Migros Bank, we call this "VV Focus". As an investor, you won't receive any individual guidance, but the equity funds in which you invest are managed by professionals.

With most digital investment management options, you can set your focus yourself. Do you have a special passion for the energy transition for example? Then, you can invest a portion of your assets in companies that are striving for sustainable energy solutions. These funds are constantly monitored and optimised. Additionally, you have the possibility to complement your portfolio with other investment classes, such as real estate or precious metals.

The amount of return depends on the investment term and the risk profile. For example, with an investment of 5,000 Swiss francs in VV Focus at Migros Bank with a conservative investment, after 10 years, the accumulated assets will likely be worth about 6,000 Swiss francs. With good growth, your investment could potentially be worth up to 7,900 Swiss francs. But it's also possible to lose money. The longer the investment term, the higher the chances that good market periods will outweigh bad ones.

The fees for digital investment management are also comparatively low. They amount to around 0.5 to 1% of the invested amount. Find out more info about VV Focus here.

If you invest using a traditional asset management mandate rather than using digital investment management, you will receive more guidance. However, the minimum starting amount for this is significantly higher. At Migros Bank, for example, the starting amount must be at least 20,000 Swiss francs. If you opt for this option, an investment committee with management representatives will then take care of the respective asset allocation. They are able to react quickly to changes in the financial markets and make responsible investment decisions.

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Angie Schweizer is a Client Advisor at Migros Bank and an investment expert.

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