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Keep your vegetables crisp and fresh for a long time

Spring brings fresh vegetables into our kitchens and onto our plates. Learn what you can do to keep lettuce, kohlrabi, sprouts and radishes fresher for longer.

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  • Lettuce should always be kept in the fridge. Washed and dried heads of lettuce will keep for a week in a storage container with a sieve insert on the bottom. A plastic bag is a good option for loose leaves.

  • The tops of radishes should be removed straight after buying them, as the leaves pull water out of the radishes, making them go limp. They'll stay fresh and crisp in a storage container or a plastic bag.

  • Herbs such as chives and dill should also be kept in the fridge, whereas parsley can be left on the kitchen counter uncovered in a glass of water.

  • Sprouts and microgreens will stay fresh for a few days if they're washed and stored in plastic. It's important to wash them well again before use.

  • Kohlrabi will keep well in the fridge for a week. Wrap the tubers in a damp cloth.

  • You can stop wild garlic leaves from going limp soon after harvesting by transporting them in a closed plastic bag or plastic container. At home, store them in a container or bag with a couple drops of water or a damp piece of kitchen roll and use within two days.

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