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Migros without microplastics

Microplastics are barely visible – but the consequences of them are enormous. That’s why Migros is setting an example: the Mibelle Group is completely dispensing with the harmful ingredient in its cosmetic products.

Michelle de Oliveira
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Plastics in makeup or shower gel? What may sound strange at first is unfortunately not uncommon. Sooner or later, microplastics end up in the environment and pose a great challenge to bodies of water, soils, us humans and all other living creatures.

What are microplastics?

Microplastics are insoluble plastic particles that are smaller than five millimetres in size and are not biodegradable. They end up in the environment and thus also in the food chain. Solid microparticles such as beads in exfoliators play only a minor role today. However, liquid, synthetic, water-soluble polymers are still frequently used – for example as binders, structuring agents or opacifiers. They ensure, for instance, that sunscreen is water resistant.

Microplastic in different colours on a fingertip

Water soluble is not the solution

While microplastics can still be retained to a large extent in wastewater treatment plants, the water-soluble polymers are only partially extracted from the wastewater. The remaining substances are released into the environment with the treated wastewater.

We utilise natural alternatives

Because we want to protect our planet, the Mibelle Group has completely dispensed with the use of microplastics in our cosmetic products since 2015. We use natural alternatives to liquid polymers and microplastics across the board. As an alternative, we use what are known as biopolymers such as polysaccharides, which have a good level of biodegradability and are not a danger to the environment. We also rely on natural alternatives such as pumice stone, jojoba beads, apricot kernels, ground nut shells and salt. These are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Many apricot kernels in a pile

“I am” – sustainable and free from microplastics

The products of our certified own brand I am Natural Cosmetics contain exclusively natural or nature-identical raw materials with organic content and are therefore free of petroleum-based ingredients.

I am Natural Cosmetics

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