Opening walnuts without a nutcracker

Cracking nuts

How to crack nuts without a nutcracker

Christmas stocking full of nuts but you don’t have a nutcracker? Using our tricks, you won’t need one.

Nina Huber


Using the strength of your hands 

Place two nuts together in your hand, clench it into a fist, then squeeze them together as tightly as you can using your second hand to help. Large hands are an advantage here.  

Using the finger trick 

Place the nut on the table with the seam facing upwards (important!). Then place your outstretched index and middle fingers on the nut and hold it in place by bending your fingers around it. The seam of the nut now lies exactly in the knuckle curvature of the fingers. Now make a fist with the other hand and give a sharp punch to the knuckles. It looks painful, but it’s not. 

Using a sharp object  

Use a sharp pocket knife or an awl to pierce the lower side of the nut where the seam is dark and clearly visible and then twist it slightly.  

Using a hammer 

For the more accurate craftswomen among us: clamp a nut between your thumb and index finger and hit the nut with a hammer in a targeted and not too forceful manner. 


Using a change of temperature 

You can crack the shells of hazelnuts with little effort if you have either put the nuts in the oven for a few minutes at 200 degrees or put them in the freezer for an hour.  

Using a tool 

In a hurry? Then a pair of pliers from the toolbox will do the trick. Place the nut inside, wrap a towel around it and squeeze slowly until the nut is cracked. The towel catches the nut splinters.  

Using your fist 

Spread the nuts on the table, fold a towel over them, place a ladle on top and hit the head of the ladle with your fist.