Portrait of Sébastian Strappazzon, wearing his own collection

Sébastian Strappazzon

The designer who plays with Migros

Sébastian Strappazzon, Vaudois designer and founder of the Avnier brand together with rapper Orelsan, is the man behind a special collection created in collaboration with Migros Vaud. Another limited edition of these streetwear garments will be launched at the end of the year.

Patricia Brambilla

On his head a black cap, with a large orange M in Gothic lettering... 42-year-old designer Sébastian Strappazzon likes to play with the norm. He breaks it down and then rearranges it. It was also he who launched a clothing collection featuring a slightly distorted Migros logo this summer in collaboration with the Vaudois cooperative. A hit! And at the end of the year, the fun starts all over again with a new limited edition that has just made its debut.

Tribute to the 2000s

«We have the fabrics made and choose everything from the grammage to the cut to the colour,» says the designer. The central element of this collection is the Migros receipt with the spiral of his label, a large S for Strappazzon. Everything is meant to evoke the supermarket by means of textile allusions. For instance, the khaki tracksuit is emblazoned with a large Gothic M, the orange T-shirt has a colour gradient with the contours of peach iced tea, plus the Frey chocolate logo and a tattoo-style tribal M. A black T-shirt with a glitter logo and one with phosphorescent lettering have a slightly more exclusive air.

«We wanted to reach younger people and deviate from the target group of families»

Cyril Fayet

«I take inspiration from eras, there is always a touch of Proust’s madeleine in my creations. The first collection was more 1990s, this one is more oriented towards the 2000s with rhinestones, Paris Hilton and club nights.» It therefore also contains the trendy accessory of the millennium: the belt pouches are orange or black and have two pockets, one for the Cumulus card and one for keys. «I designed them from A to Z, I wanted them to be functional.»

Migros kid

How did this collaboration come about? Cyril Fayet, Digital Marketing Manager at Migros Vaud, tells us: «We wanted to reach younger people and deviate from our target group of families. The idea was to bring something cool to this under-30 generation.» The marketing expert sees the potential: Migros, a Swiss company with a multi-faceted history, many of whose cult products are already part of pop culture. So in 2021 he approached Sébastian Strappazzon and gave him free rein to work out a creation focused on the orange brand. The designer didn’t need to be asked twice and agreed without hesitation. «I was very flattered. Besides, I’m a Migros kid myself!»

From the paintbrush to the design

Sebastian Strappazzon, a Jura native who grew up in Morges, fondly remembers his teenage years between doughnuts, iced tea and skateboard jumps. Hours on the asphalt, hip hop and street culture. He completed an apprenticeship as a plasterer and painter, but dreamed of working in design and creating clothes for rappers and footballers. At 19, he launched his own label and drove to Paris to sell his clothes from the boot of his car. This boldness paid off, because he caught the attention of the rapper Orelsan. «I got to dress him until we made our own brand Avnier together. We became friends,» the designer says simply.

The rappers’ fashionista

The balancing act between his close collaboration with Orelsan, the triple award-winning French star rapper, and his assignment for Migros presents no problem for Sébastian Strappazzon. «It’s cool to pay homage to this company. And with Migros products, you can really run riot! It’s like standing in a sweet shop with ten cents in your pocket, you just have to choose.» He hopes to continue developing his style under his own label, S, and one day design a catwalk collection. His trademark? Mixing genres, half commerce and half provocation. «But not too outlandish. I want to convey emotion, but I also want my clothes to be wearable on the street.»

At present, his Migros special edition, which was released on 3 December in a limited edition, is only available online. A way to build hype, with very little advertising, just a few posts on social media. «Half of the first collection sold out on the first day and everything went very quickly, a real triumph. I felt a kind of pride in being part of the bigger picture. We’ll see if the second collection is just as successful,» says Cyril Fayet with a smile.

His favourite product?

«The peach iced tea tetrapak! That served as our measuring stick for skating when we did ollies after school,» recalls Sébastian Strappazzon.