Migros diversity in numbers

Celebrating diversity at Migros

With 97,727 employees in over 100 companies, Migros Group takes diversity to heart. The current numbers.

Marlies Seifert
What we do


genders can be selected in the Migros recruitment process: male, female or nonbinary. Migros has developed its own language guide to ensure respectful interaction with employees who do not assign themselves to a social gender or whose social gender does not correspond to their biological gender.

10 out of 10

regional cooperatives offer inclusion programmes for people with physical or mental disabilities. Migros Geneva, for example, has run a sheltered workshop since 1986.


of all men employed by Migros companies work part-time. Migros encourages part-time work by advertising 85 per cent of all jobs with a part-time option.


of management positions at Migros companies are held by women.


young people have taken part in the Migros vocational preparation year since 2021. In the first year, three quarters of them found a follow-up solution and consequently entered the workforce despite difficult conditions.


of all Migros employees are under 25.


nationalities are represented in the Migros workforce. You can't get much more than that: 195 independent countries are recognised by the United Nations.


people over 50 took up a new job at Migros last year. 0.9% of all employees are already over 65. At Migros, all employees can retire at their own discretion: either before or after reaching the customary retirement age.