Lots of nets with mandarins and clementines

Don't throw them away

What you can do with mandarin nets

Have you been throwing away mandarin and orange nets up to now? We have a far better idea.

Rüdi Steiner

The nets in which oranges, mandarins, lemons, onions and garlic are packaged can be reused in the kitchen. You can turn them into a sponge with which you can get every frying pan spotless. This will get rid of even the toughest stains in the bottom of your pan in a trice.

Here's how: Cut off and throw away the ends of the nets. Now roll up the net and tie it together with string. Your sponge is ready. You can make an even better sponge from several nets. Simply stuff them into a net, tie some string around it and lo and behold, you have a nice, compact sponge.

Is all this too complicated for you? Then use the net (without the ends, please) like a rag. This too will get your pans clean. We'll tell you what else you can recycle here.