Apprentice in a Migros uniform

Vocational training

A retailing apprenticeship? Why it's better than you think

We debunk the prejudices: five good reasons to become an apprentice at Migros.

Lisa Stutz

1. Subsequent variety

People who have completed an apprenticeship in retailing can subsequently work in many different sectors. For instance, if you're fed up of selling household goods, you can switch to electronics or clothing instead. With major employers like Migros, you can even move around within the company.

2. Assuming responsibility early

«Excuse me, where can I find batteries?» In the retail industry, you're actively involved and work with customers from day one. As a result, you quickly lose your shyness and assume responsibility. At Migros, you can even work at a store that is run exclusively by apprentices for a few weeks during the year.

3. Great promotion prospects

In the retail sector, you can quickly climb up the ranks and eventually become a manager. There are many positions with leadership or product-range responsibilities, which you can access quickly thanks to promotion programmes and further training opportunities. Your income can therefore increase rapidly.

4. Offers for apprentices

Apprenticeships in retailing are challenging. That's why Migros gives all its apprentices a thank-you worth at least CHF 800 a year to spend on further training, fitness or leisure activities within the Migros Group. And apprentices of course also benefit from discounts, including financial assistance for school supplies, subsidies for public transport, subsidised meals and more.

5. Part-time work

If you can imagine not always working full-time in the future, the retail sector is right for you. That's because it's a field in which it's often relatively easy to get a part-time position. Migros also supports employees with job and top sharing. As a result, part-time work is even possible in managerial roles. This gives you time for things like childcare as well as further training or voluntary work.