Reusing teabags

What you can do with used teabags

Used teabags have a wealth of potential uses. Not only do they dispel unpleasant odours, you can also use them as fertiliser for plants or even to light fires.

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1. Teabags as odour eaters

Old teabags are like fresh deodorant for your sports shoes or the fridge. Simply place dried bags in your shoes or in the fridge for a few hours. They will absorb moisture and create a pleasant smell. Peppermint and melissa tea is particularly suitable for this. Teabags can best be dried by squeezing them out well and then leaving them in a warm place (in the sun or on a radiator).

2. Soap substitute

After chopping onions or garlic, you can quickly neutralise the smell on your fingers with a used teabag. Use it instead of soap when washing your hands.

3. As a bath additive

For a delicately scented and relaxing bath, place three to five used teabags in the warm water. Use camomile or herbal tea, for example.

4. Fertiliser for your plants

The ingredients in tea are also good for your plants. You have two options here: either place a used teabag in a full watering can overnight and then water your house plants with it the next day. Alternatively, cut the bag open and mix the contents into your plant soil. Green and black tea are particularly suitable for this.

5. Make fragrant sacks

Leave several used teabags to dry and then pour the contents into a cloth bag. Tie a pretty bow around it, and you have a home-made fragrant sack for your own wardrobe or to offer as a small gift. Try it with fruit or lavender blossom tea, for example.

6. As a fire-lighter

What’s that? Light a fire with teabags? Yes, absolutely! First allow the teabags to dry thoroughly, then dip them in liquid wax. Leave to rest briefly in the wax before removing and air-drying. This is a great way to use not only teabags, but also leftover wax. You can also take these handy lighters with you when hiking or on holiday.

One last thing: how should you dispose of teabags?

Once a teabag has finally had its day, its constituent parts should be separated. You'll get full marks for correct disposal if you cut open the teabag, tip the contents into your compost or organic waste bin and then throw the bag itself into a rubbish bin together with the string and label.

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