How to transform Santa’s sack into a sponge

Eaten all the nuts and tangerines? Then you can put Santa’s sack away until next Christmas – or turn it into a practical household utensil.

Move The Date

After the indulgence, it’s time to clean up! We’ll explain how to turn discarded jute sacks into brand new washing-up sponges. These also make ideal last-minute Christmas presents. Especially together with a voucher for five washing-up sessions.

What you need:

  • Three types of fabric scraps: an old terry towel, some cotton fabric (an old shirt or duvet cover) and, of course, your old Santa sack

  • A piece of string about 8cm long, for example an old shoelace

  • A wool needle

Sack Material

Here’s how:

  • Cut equally sized rectangles of approx.

    12 x 15cm from each fabric

  • Hem the jute piece once all the way around with zigzag stitches to prevent it fraying later.

  • Lay the three rectangles on top of each other in the following order: first the terry cloth, then the jute, then the cotton fabric (with the "nice" side facing downwards).

  • Place the string diagonally on one of the four corners of the jute piece.

  • Sew the three layers together all the way around, leaving an opening of about 6cm.

  • Turn everything inside-out through the opening. Now your terry cloth is inside.

  • Sew up the opening. Make sure that the string remains on the outside as a loop.

  • Your sponge is ready!

This hack comes from #MoveTheDate Switzerland

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