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Fish & Seafood

Our vision is for the Migros Group to only offer fish and seafood caught and produced in such a way that preserves stocks and ecosystems in the long term, thus maintaining socially responsible working conditions along the supply chain.

What we do

All our products, whether wild-caught or farmed, are assessed by our independent partner Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) in line with the same criteria. This applies to both conventional and certified fish and seafood. The assessments are published in detail for the Migros Group and Migros supermarkets by the Ocean Disclosure Project.

  • Transparent information

    Together with our independent partner Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), we have developed the M-Check for fish and seafood from responsible sources.

  • Responsible sources

    We do not offer any fish or seafood that is considered an endangered or threatened species according to the IUCN. In addition, the entire Migros Group refrains from selling any products that are rated with less than two stars in the M-Check for fish and seafood from responsible sources. More about our approach to sustainable procurement.

  • Socially responsible working conditions

    We ensure fair working conditions through our collaboration with the amfori BSCI initiative and a self-declaration for suppliers of wild-caught fish. More information about the implementation of our social standards.

Progress in the network

  • Sustainable fishing

    Fresh fish, but sustainable

    Together with our partners, we are committed to responsible fishing.

Labels in our fish range

Which label best represents sustainability is a very complex matter. All standards cover a range of sustainability issues and are independently verified. In the case of fish and seafood, it is essential to distinguish between wild-caught and farmed (aquaculture) fish, as these two forms of production are fundamentally different. The two forms of production are therefore assessed according to different criteria.

  • ASC

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    The ASC label represents certified, responsible aquaculture and compliance with strict environmental and social standards for farmed fish and seafood.

    • MSC

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      The MSC label is committed to environmentally friendly wild catching for healthy maintenance of the marine habitat.

      • Migros Organic

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        Fish and seafood come from organic farms where the animals are reared under conditions that comply with strict organic standards.

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