Egg carton and candles

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Until now, have you simply thrown away empty egg cartons and leftover wax? If so, we have the right upcycling tip for you on how to reuse this so-called waste.

Monique Misteli

All you need are empty egg cartons, straw or wood shavings, leftover wax and ten minutes of your time. You’ll then have your own homemade firelighter – perfect for the upcoming barbecue season. Firelighters help you to get the perfect embers quickly, naturally and safely.

What you need:

  • Egg carton

  • Straw or wood shavings

  • Leftover wax

  • A coated pan (e.g. one made of chrome steel)

What to do:

  • Roll the straw or wood shavings into small balls. One ball should be just about big enough to fill one of the egg spaces in the carton. Fill all the egg spaces (carton for four, six or 10 eggs) with the balls and press them down firmly.

  • Put the leftover wax in a coated pan and melt it over the stove at a low temperature.

  • Pour the liquid wax over the wood shavings or straw balls. Once the wax is dry, you can then break the egg carton into pieces. The natural barbecue lighters are now ready to use.

  • You need one firelighter for each barbecue. The rest can be stored in a dry place.

Did you know you can also light a fire with used tea bags? Click here for the instructions.

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