Disposable tableware and cutlery made of renewables

No more disposable plastic tableware

Disposable tableware and cutlery made of renewables

We no longer sell disposable plastic tableware and cutlery. Instead, we stock products made of renewable materials such as bamboo or palm leaves.

What we do

If you use plastic plates, forks and spoons at a children’s birthday party or a New Year’s Eve celebration, lots of plastic ends up in the rubbish afterwards. Thinking about the consequences for the environment can really put a dampener on the party mood.

That’s why we stopped selling disposable plastic tableware back at the end of 2020. In addition, we removed all disposable plastic cutlery from our shelves by the end of 2022. As an alternative, Migros offers knives, forks and plates made of environmentally friendly renewable materials – in particular cardboard, wood, palm leaves and bioplastic.

Plates made of palm leaves

They are produced using leaves that fall off the palm crowns during growth. The plates are tasteless and heat-resistant to 220 degrees. Tip: these plates can be disposed of in the garden compost or with the organic waste. Incidentally, the same applies to the wooden stirrers.

Bioplastic knives and forks

This material is known as CPLA – a biodegradable plastic produced using polylactic acids and talcum powder. Tip: this cutlery is also washable and reusable. When finished with, the knives and forks need to be disposed of in the household waste.

Paper cups

These cups hold 350 millilitres and display the FSC label. The wood in the paper likewise comes from environmentally friendly forest operations. Tip: unlike plastic cups, it’s easy to decorate paper cups by drawing or writing on them with coloured pens ahead of a child’s birthday party.

Wooden stirrers

They are made of birchwood with an FSC certificate. In other words, the wood comes from sustainable forestry operations. Tip: after use, these stirrers make great fireplace kindling.