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Correct disposal

Where do I dispose of coloured glass bottles?

Where do I put toothpaste tubes, coloured bottles and corks? Five tips to show you how to dispose of packaging.

Fatima Vidal

Where should plastic waste with the PET label go?

Not everything with a PET label belongs in the PET drink bottles collection. That’s only for PET drink bottles with the PET logo. Other types of packaging made of PET such as bottles for salad dressing belong either in a separate plastic bottle collection or with normal household waste. You can also dispose of these in the Migros plastic collection bag offered at various Migros sites.

Bottles made of coloured glass?

Coloured glass (red, blue, multi-coloured) should be thrown away with green glass.

Can you recycle corks too?

Sure, various collection points accept corks.For example, recycling-map.ch. You might even come across the cork again in another life, maybe as a pin board or a pot stand.

What should you do with pizza boxes and apple juice cartons?

Pizza boxes belong with regular household waste, while the apple juice carton should be disposed of with the drink carton collection.

Empty tubes of toothpaste?

You can throw those away with regular household waste. Alternatively, you can now dispose of them via the practical Migros plastic collection bag as well.

The big recycling guide

Where do you dispose of what? You can find the answers in Migros’ big recycling guide.