A group of children on the “Sound Trail” (Klangweg) in Toggenburg

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Learn lots of new things en route: seven extraordinary themed trails

Looking for an exciting walk to do? We show you seven trails on which you’ll discover lots of new, surprising and fascinating things. For people of all ages.

Monique Misteli
Ralf Ponzetto

Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum: departing and arriving

The “On the move across the world” themed trail at the Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum
© Ballenberg

The themed trail “On the move across the world” at the Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum showcases stories of departure and arrival in a unique way. Discover the stories of former Ballenberg residents in seven of the museum’s historic houses – their lives were shaped by departing for and arriving in different places for a whole host of different reasons. In keeping with the stories from the past, the development organisation Helvetas presents the stories of people on the move in modern times. Video and audio stations bring their stories to life and provide background information and facts about migration and mobility.

  • Where: Ballenberg Swiss Open-Air Museum

  • When: until 27 August 2024

  • Price: day admission for adults: 32 CHF, children: 16 CHF

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Gurtenpark: garden gem on Bern’s local mountain

Visitors learning more about natural gardens at the Gurtenpark
© Tatjana Schär

The Gurtengärtli on Bern’s local mountain is a natural gem and a diverse organic garden full of life. Bioterra manager Alexandra Schafroth provides an insight into the complex beauty and dynamics of this garden in the midst of the natural world on her seasonal tours. Visitors learn how to combine aesthetic and useful elements in the garden, what strengthens plants, how important good soil is and how a natural system works in cycles. After the thematic and poetic tours, visitors can enjoy a meal at the Restaurant Gurtners where freshly grown produce from the Gurtengärtli is transformed into extraordinary dishes. The tours are aimed at adults.

  • Where: Gurtenpark, Bern

  • When: until 19 October 2024

  • Price: 18 CHF

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Guttet-Feschel themed trail: places through history

The cultural trail links the two historic villages of Guttet and Feschel
© Peter Hofer

Set amidst Valais mountain scenery at over 1,000 metres above sea level, the cultural trail links the two historic villages of Guttet and Feschel. The trail was created in 2023 when the villagers and artists transformed the village landscape. Along the trail, visitors can enjoy art installations, such as “Der Gast” (The Guest), “Heidi’s Wunderland” (Heidi’s Wonderland), “Illusionen am Lätzi-Tolu” (Illusions at Lätzi-Tolu) and “Das Hunderwasserdorf Feschel” (The Hunderwasser village Feschel), “Das Sagenhafte Guttet” (The Legendary Guttet), “Die Pforte” (The Gate) as well as the outdoor picture gallery. They reveal how places can change, but also how we approach new developments.

  • Where: Guttet-Feschel (VS)

  • When: until 31 October 2024

  • Price: free

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Diemtigtal Nature Park: discover the history of the chalet

View of the Diemtigtal valley in the Bernese Oberland
© Martin Wymann

The Diemtigtal valley in the Bernese Oberland is renowned for its magnificent Simmental craftsmanship. Even today, new buildings are still being built in the traditional chalet style. This means the skills are being passed on to the next generation. The Diemtigtal Nature Park explores the stories of a total of 40 chalets with three themed trails covering 30 kilometres. Some of the buildings date back to the 16th century. They bear testimony to the heyday of cattle trading and horse breeding. Visitors can hike to the scattered settlements in three stages (around 3.5 hours each) or take a longer tour on an e-bike.

  • Where: Diemtigtal Nature Park (BE)

  • When: all year round

  • Price: free

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“Zukunftsweg Wädenswil”: a glimpse into the future

Visitors on the “Zukunftsweg Wädenswil” future trail
© Monica Jäger

Ever wondered what your town or nearby forest might look like 25 years from now? Then a visit to ZHAW Wädenswil, where research and teaching activities are carried out on the sustainable, future-oriented development of urban and rural areas, is highly recommended. Take a short walk from the Grüental Campus to the Reidbach Campus to explore the future. Six stations take you on a journey through time to 2050 where you’ll discover the landscapes of tomorrow that ZHAW researchers would like to see emerge in the future.

  • Where: Grüental Campus or Reidbach Campus, ZHAW Wädenswil

  • When: all year round

  • Price: free

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Littau Trail: history lesson on Central Switzerland

Thanks to the QR code, visitors can find out interesting information on the Littau Trail
© Raphael Lingg

Where’s Littau? Just in case you had to look it up, the “Littau history” themed trail is a great idea for your next Sunday outing. Based on the ethos “The free way to discover Littau”, a secondary school teacher, a graphic designer and a psychology student joined forces to showcase the history of Littau in a trail running through the municipality. The trail takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. A map, which can be downloaded from the website, guides you to the nine different stations where you can scan the QR code to discover fascinating information about Littau.

  • Where: Littau (LU)

  • When: all year round

  • Price: free

  • More info

“Klangweg Toggenburg”: on the trail of sounds

There are 27 sound sculptures on the Toggenburg Sound Trail
© Hanes Sturzenegger

The “Sound Trail” leads you through the idyllic mountains of Toggenburg, passing 27 sound sculptures, barbecue spots, mountain restaurants and playgrounds. The themed trail can be hiked in several stages of between 1.5 and 3.5 hours. The “Sound Trail” was only reopened this May after extensive renovation following twenty years of use. The “Classic Edition”, with sound instruments from the last 20 years, has been updated and expanded with 12 new installations by well-known sound artists from Switzerland and abroad.

  • Where: Toggenburg mountain railway (to start in Alt St. Johann or Unterwasser); Wildhaus mountain railway (to start in Wildhaus)

  • When: June to October

  • Price: “Klangweg” ticket for the mountain railway (adults: 39 CHF, GA/Half Fare Travelcard: 24.50 CHF, children aged 6–15: 24.50 CHF)

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