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The Migros Group as an employer

Why you too should work for Migros

Over 10,000 people each year choose to work for Migros, and rightly so: Switzerland’s biggest private employer has a lot to offer.

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Career at turbo speed

Various Migros cooperatives support talented trainees in retail with «Best Talent» schemes: this allows them to quickly take on more responsibility once they have completed their apprenticeship. It’s not uncommon for an under-25-year-old to already be managing a supermarket.

There are many routes to the top

In the Migros Group, the boundaries between the sectors are permeable. It is therefore possible for someone to start out in retail, later get experience in Hotelplan, and then end up at the Migros Bank. In other words: a Migros career can go in many different directions.

Fair pay guaranteed

One strict rule applies at Migros: same pay for equal work. That’s why all Migros companies have the quality seal «We pay fair» awarded by St. Gallen University (HSG).

Work-life balance

Around half of all Migros staff fall under the state collective employment agreement (L-GAV). If they are starting a family, they are entitled to 18 weeks of maternity leave or 4 weeks of paternity leave. Maternity leave can be extended by 14 weeks and paternity leave by 4 weeks through unpaid leave. Four weeks of maternity leave can now be transferred to a partner, even if he or she doesn’t work for Migros. The partner can then take unpaid leave from their respective company and receives a wage from Migros during this time.

Just take a break

Staff under the L-GAV can take a sabbatical every five years: this unpaid break can last up to three months. Furthermore, 10 extra days of annual leave can be bought in addition to the regular entitlement.

Advantages when saving and purchasing

Migros Bank offers all Migros staff particularly favourable conditions: they benefit from preferential rates, a free account and reduced-rate mortgages. Staff can collect extra Cumulus points when shopping in any Migros store.

Affordable learning

Knowledge is invaluable – but thanks to the L-GAV, Migros staff can continue to learn at affordable rates. They can take courses at the Migros Club School at a special price. All staff are entitled to at least CHF 800 per year for Migros offerings of further training, fitness and leisure.

Retire on your terms

The Migros pension fund is one of the best pension funds in all of Switzerland. Migros employees pay an 8.5% contribution of the insured earnings, while the Migros Group pays twice as much. All staff can retire on their own terms – whether early or after the ordinary pension age, for example if they’d like to continue working part time.

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