Political positions

Taking a stand

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Every day, a wide range of issues that affect us are discussed in politics. Here you can find out more about our views on current political issues.

Our positions

  • Internal market

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    In order to remain competitive, we depend on business-friendly conditions in Switzerland. For this reason, we have been fighting against trade barriers that result in higher prices, including for Swiss consumers, for years. In addition, we advocate for a market environment that does not put us at a disadvantage against foreign suppliers or online trade. Together with the Interessengemeinschaft Detailhandel Schweiz (Retail Trade Association of Switzerland), we are striving for consumer-friendly shop opening hours.

    • Agricultural policy

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      We maintain an intensive partnership with Swiss agriculture. We are involved in shaping future agricultural policy and are committed to market-oriented, sustainable and resource-conserving agriculture.

      Because we are first and foremost committed to the well-being of our customers, we demand not only good quality from Swiss farmers, but also relatively competitive prices. This is why we oppose measures that further expand border protection.

      • Shopping tourism

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        Shopping tourism to neighbouring countries has now stabilised at a high level. It is a burden on Swiss retail as well as the upstream and downstream stages. In addition, VAT-exempt consumption (value-added tax exemption limit) leads to tax losses in the federal treasury.
        The main reason for shopping abroad is the politically desired, large price difference. The longer opening hours and VAT-exempt consumption also play a role. This is why we have been investing in lower prices for years and are constantly improving our efficiency.

        • Group responsibility

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          We want to take responsibility for our value chains and our business activities domestically and abroad. That is why we are committed to clear, practicable regulations on corporate responsibility. With our own standards and measures, we go beyond the existing Swiss regulations in many respects. Overall, we advocate an approximation to the EU solution (without additional, higher Swiss standards) in order to avoid duplication and ensure consistent legislation and thus legal certainty.

          • Referendums

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            We get involved in referendum campaigns on issues that are relevant to us and consumers. We either join an existing committee or represent our positions independently. We communicate our position transparently in our own media.

            You can find out about our positions on current referendums through the M-Infoline.

            • Environment & Energy

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              For many years, we have been committed to the responsible use of natural resources, for example by promoting the circular economy. The combination of ecology and economic efficiency is central to this. Time and again, we have shown that voluntary measures make new legislation unnecessary.

              • Taxes

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                We are committed to ensuring that the reduced VAT rate continues to apply to foodstuffs. With regard to other tax issues and levies/taxes, it is also of central importance to us that companies and consumers are not unduly burdened.

                • Product security

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                  Consumers in Switzerland can expect products that are safe for their health and meet high quality standards. We are committed to ensuring that the necessary laws meet these justified requirements, while also being practicable for manufacturers and retailers to implement. We are open to new technologies.

                  • Goods traffic

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                    As SBB Cargo’s biggest customer, a well-developed rail network is crucial for us. We are actively involved in promoting combined rail freight transport. We are also open to new concepts such as Cargo Sous Terrain, a shift of rail freight traffic underground, as well as fuels from renewable sources.

                    • Product declaration

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                      The origin of products is an increasingly important purchase criterion for many customers. That is why we disclose information about our products as transparently as possible. Politically, we advocate for solutions that provide consumers with sufficient information about the products and are practicable for suppliers.

                      • Consultation responses

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                        You can find our responses to consultations at

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