Together for biodiversity

Close-up of a meadow with wildflowers.

The sound of humming and buzzing is becoming ever quieter in Switzerland, which represents a major problem! This is because insects play an important role in maintaining a balance in nature. The good news, however, is that we can all play our part in helping to ensure that things are better for bees, butterflies and other insects in the future. By doing more together to preserve biodiversity. We'll show you how!

Our goal: greater biodiversity

Our planet would look very different if a multitude of little animal helpers didn't carry pollen from one flower to the next on a daily basis. And it is for this reason that we our reducing our biodiversity footprint day by day.

By 2025…

... we want to steadily increase the biodiversity of our plantations. This especially applies to crops that are important for biodiversity, such as coffee and cocoa.

... we want to ensure that our products and the procurement of raw materials that are important for biodiversity do not lead to the destruction of healthy ecosystems.

Where do we stand today?

  • A bee sits on the blossom of a wildflower.

    More for biodiversity

    400 football pitches …

    ... for bees, butterflies and other insects. Find out how we achieved this.

Become a conservationist!

Become a conservationist!

Promoting biodiversity: we can't do it on our own. Play your part now and protect Switzerland's biodiversity together with us!

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