Packaging and recycling

Less plastic is not enough for us

Someone stores their food in reusable packaging.

Packaging: do we really need all that? Admittedly, we can’t completely do without plastic either. But we are working on making our packaging better. For us, less plastic is only the first step: we want more! And we can only achieve that with you.

Our goal: more recycling, less packaging

Our motto: as little packaging as possible, as much as necessary. That’s why we avoid or reduce packaging wherever we can. If we cannot avoid packaging, such as with our drinks bottles, we rely on recycling.

By 2025…

... we will save 5% of the packaging material used for our own brands.

... 60% of the packaging of our own brands should be made from renewable raw materials.

... 50% of the packaging of our own brands should be made of recycled materials.

Where do we stand today?

  • A stack of pressed PET bottles ready for recycling

    More for recycling

    83.1% of our waste ...

    … gets recycled. But we want more!

What we are currently doing

Take part and save waste!

Do you know what can go in the bin? With our tips and tricks, recycling not only becomes easy, you also save a lot of waste.

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