Three teenagers with snowboards in the snow.

We only have good news

Discover what awaits us next year

Watching the news can quickly spoil your mood right now. It makes you forget that there are many positive developments too. A 10-part positive outlook.

Marcel Zulauf, Ringier Brand Studio

Have you laughed yet today? With all the crises, wars and climate issues right now, you may well struggle to do so. But if you broaden your sights, you’ll discover plenty of things that bring you joy and hope.

We’re fit

Swiss people are particularly sporty compared to those in other European countries: 75 percent regularly do sport, as shown by a Migros survey conducted in 2022. We often exercise outdoors, with hiking and cycling becoming increasingly popular. And this is a no-brainer when you think about the many opportunities available. Incidentally, the national sport of hiking is not only good for the body but studies have shown that heading out into the great outdoors also makes people happy.

 WWF bananas.

We eat better

Never before have we been able to access such a wide range of healthy and sustainably grown foods. Migros’ organic range is being continually expanded. It was first launched 27 years ago and now comprises 5,000 products. Furthermore, there is growing awareness of the importance of a balanced diet as the topic of nutrition is frequently discussed and critically examined. Admittedly, we still eat far too many sweet and salty foods, and not enough fruit and vegetables, as shown by the Migros survey. But at least we know what we should be eating.

More sustainability

The term “sustainability” originated in the field of forestry. In 1713, Carl von Carlowitz wrote about the “sustainable use” of wood. His article was about only cutting down as many trees as can grow again. Today, the concept of sustainability applies to almost all economic sectors. At Migros, the focus is on environmentally friendly and socially responsible products. For example, the greenhouse gas CO₂ is recycled to produce ethanol for cleaning products and cosmetics or even PET for drinks bottles. At Migros, recyclability is part of the M-Check sustainability scale. This makes environmental compatibility visible at a glance. When it comes to recycling, Migros supports the process with collection points and a high return rate, plus even offers facilities for recycling plastic.

Greater environmental protection

Environmental awareness is at a very high level in Switzerland, as shown by a gfs survey. This is reflected in our behaviour. But it’s not just citizens who are leading more environmentally conscious lives, companies such as Migros are also introducing numerous measures to conserve resources. Things are also progressing in the political arena. In the autumn session, the Swiss parliament approved a nationwide ban on littering. The central aim of this bill is to strengthen the country’s circular economy.

Solar panels on the roof of a Migros store deliver renewable energy.

The energy revolution

The threat of power shortages gave a boost to plans for renewable energies and increased awareness of the conservative use of energy. The Swiss electorate also sent a clear message by voting in favour of the Swiss Climate Act. The target: climate neutrality by 2050. Political barriers have been broken down and technological development is accelerating. At the same time, increasing numbers of resource-conserving products and mobility options with alternative drive systems are available. To this end, Migros is continually expanding its range of M-Charge charging stations.

We are healthy

We’re getting ever older – but staying fitter as we age. This is partly thanks to medical research and new treatments, but also to our awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle: we exercise more, eat better and pay more attention to our mental health. Even if we don’t apply it consistently, the knowledge is there. In all events, the most important thing is to be happy. And we’re doing well in that regard, as a survey showed (see text box). Smart tools and apps help us optimise our lifestyle and monitor our health data.

Go Switzerland!

Fans won’t have to wait long for the first sporting highlights as these will be experienced at the very start of the year: Wengen and Adelboden are set to host ski races and the high-speed slopes are looking great. In summer, we’ll go wild supporting the national team at the European Football Championships (14.06 – 14.07) before shortly afterwards hoping for medals in mountain biking, athletics and swimming at the Olympic Games in Paris (26.07 – 11.08). And from 21 to 29 September, the Cycling World Championships take place in Zurich.

Players from the Swiss national team celebrate: in 2024, they’ll compete in the European Championships in Germany.

More holidays

Those who plan well can enjoy more holidays thanks to bridging days as none of the public holidays in 2024 fall on a weekend. 1 May is a public holiday in many cantons. Combine this with two days of holiday allowance and you get a very long weekend. By taking another four days of holiday, you’ll be off work for 12 days. As 1 August falls on a Thursday, the summer holidays can be extended with a single bridging day. Christmas Day 2024 and New Year’s Day 2025 both fall on a Wednesday. You can therefore enjoy 16 days of holiday by taking off just six days. Incidentally, staycations in Switzerland or travelling by train are particularly sustainable.

More courage

From an astrological perspective, we’re heading into a solar year. This is characterised by willpower and activity. All star signs should benefit from courage and optimism in relation to love, career, sport and leisure. In the Chinese calendar, 2024 is the year of the wood dragon. This promises luck and wealth while also symbolising power, strength and energy.